A Little Help From Your Friends


We’ve been talking a lot as of late about meeting the New Year with the right frame of mind. About making changes and coming to terms with your health – once and for all. Making big changes or even small changes is always made easier with a little help from your friends. I thought it might be worthwhile to revisit a blog post from July of last year, where I addressed the idea of gathering a team around you who might help you better meet your goals.  Here’s an excerpt:

It Takes a Village

I’ve been reminded over the last month how important it is to find a team of people who can support you when you’re looking to make important changes in your life – like getting healthier or just feeling better.  I don’t know why I’ve always been bad about asking people for help, but I suspect I’m not alone. Doing everything ourselves, never letting on that we have weaknesses or need help can be an unproductive part of our human nature, so we often suffer in silence.

Feeling better is a relative term and has different meaning for each of us. It could mean making that long over due trip to your doctor to get a check up, or looking for a personal trainer who can help you work through your personal fitness issues.  It could mean employing a registered dietician or nutritionist to support your efforts to eat healthfully, or maybe its time to consider a terrific therapist who you can spill your guts to. Read more here

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