5 Tips to Jumpstart a Feel-Good Summer


Focus on Feeling Good Instead of Losing Weight

5-tips-to-feel-good-this-summerNext week marks the beginning of May. After the long, hard winter we’ve just been through in the US, thoughts of the impending summer are more than welcome.

But with summer also comes thoughts of shorts, bathing suits and, all too often, how to jump start weight loss so that by the time you hit the beach, all will be well.

Trouble is, acting on that last thought can send you in the exact opposite direction than you want to go. Studies show that those who intentionally try to lose weight may do so initially but usually end up gaining it back and more.

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That’s why we work with our participants to put in place the beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that will take their body to its healthy place, with weight loss being something that happens naturally in the process, if that’s what your body needs to be healthy.

So how about spending this May not focusing on weight loss but instead focusing on what makes you feel well.

Start Feeling Good with These 5 Tips

1 Pass On Perfection

It’s just not possible. What’s more, trying to be perfect may increase your risk for ill health. That’s stress in action. No thanks!

2 Be Your Own Best Friend

You spend more time with yourself than anyone else. Best friends are there with a helping hand when you need one. It’s a hard world out there. If you can be your own source of support, you’ve got a step up.

3 Eat Predictably

Too many of us skip meals or just grab what we can as we rush through our busy lives. Yet food is critical to life and it’s also one of the greatest pleasures of life. Taking the time to make sure we eat when we need to, and eat what feels good to us during and after eating, well, that’s one of the biggest jumpstarts out there.

4 Move Predictably

You’ll jumpstart those feel-good chemicals that ward off depression and anxiety and keep you smiling.

5 Count Your Blessings

Gratitude connects your brain to your heart. From there, good things flow.

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