5 Superfoods You Should Eat Every Day


5 Superfoods You Should Eat Every DayIt’s a cousin to the 5 Foods You Should Never Eat ad that pops up regularly on your computer screen.

You know the one I’m talking about, the list of “superfoods” that, if you eat them daily, promise to deliver all kinds of good things, from weight loss to better memory to even (are you ready for it?), 6-pack abs.

On Wikipedia, “superfoods” is defined as a marketing term used to describe foods with supposed health benefits. That says a lot.

If you know us at Green Mountain, you know that kind of thing gets us going. We just love to go against the grain of popular nutrition advice.

Not because we’re contrary sorts, but because we know the kind of damage nutrition nonsense causes for women who struggle with overeating and weight.

Have you been there? You truly want to eat well to live a vibrant, healthy life at a healthy weight. Yet you’re so confused by everything you read and hear about nutrition, you’re not sure where to start.

So you revert to diet rules. And if there’s one thing that’s sure about that, you’ll be off your “healthy eating” regimen before too long because diet rules don’t let you eat in a truly healthy way.

So here’s our counter to a list of superfoods and other “healthy eating” plans that leave you confused, confounded and, often, gaining weight.

5 Foods You Should Eat Every Day

Eat from these kinds of super foods every day and feel healthier and happier.

1. Foods that please your senses.

In other words, foods that taste good, smell good, feel good to you.

Pleasure is one of the main components of healthy eating because…drum roll, please…it keeps us doing it! It also relaxes us, making our digestion, absorption and metabolism work better, so that we get the most benefit from the healthy foods we do eat

2. Foods that make you feel well in the moment and after eating.

This means foods that you enjoy when you eat as discussed in #1. But then, when you push back from the table and go on with your day, you still feel good.

You’re energized, not dragged down by what you eat. Usually that’s more about balance than an “eat this, not that” type of approach.

3. Foods that excite you.

These foods keep eating interesting. It generally means that you need to vary what you eat to keep it interesting because our taste buds get bored eating the same thing all the time

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The bonus: Variety just happens to be one of the foundational tenets of good nutrition. We need to eat a variety of foods to get all the nutrients we need for well-being.

4. Foods you’ve never tried.

Okay, maybe not every day on these, but when the opportunity arises, go for it! It will help you keep #3 going.

5. Foods that truly comfort you.

If you’re doing all of the above, it’s a good chance you’re there.

Note: Ice cream and the like qualify if they meet #2.

There you have it – superfoods that you won’t likely see in any marketing campaign.

Which do you think would really support your health long term – expensive berries from the Amazon forest, or the many foods you already know and love plus a few more as you get adventurous, all eaten in a way that truly makes you feel good?

Based on the criteria above, what are your superfoods?

6 responses to “5 Superfoods You Should Eat Every Day”

  1. Dana says:

    Quantity is my issue. I’m amazed at the amount of food I can consume!! I eat way past my “full” status. I even start slowly…then I build up to a 2nd helping.. Maybe a third if there’s some left. I need to stop cooking for an army….I know…

  2. Ann Marie says:

    Love, Love, LOVE this! I was expecting to see blueberries and spinach! Great post that made me smile – Freedom! 🙂

  3. Alice Rosen says:

    I just love this article. It brought a smile to my face. I am going to share it during my next weekend intensive. Thank you!

  4. Marie says:

    A light blub just lit up in my head I need to process this, this is the opposite of what I have been doing for 25 years and failing to lose weight and feeling guilty.

  5. Jennifer Warren says:

    Thanks again for this common sense. If I took every “must have” food article seriously, I would eat two or three times what I need

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