5-Minute Meditations: Quick Check-in Body Scan


The 5-Minute Meditations series was created to help us fit in time for meditation, relaxation, and looking inward – even when we’re busy. You guessed it, meditations are usually 5 minutes or less, meaning only .04% of your day. The 5-Minute Meditations series is a great introduction to meditation for beginners, and a helpful resource for more experienced practitioners.”

This next meditation is a brief version of a body scan. As a current MBSR student myself, I’m currently doing the recommended hour long body scan daily.

Yep, that’s right. 1 whole hour of scanning the body. Noticing my big toe…the space between the toes..etc.. WHEW! I’m REALLY getting to know my body! Anyway, here’s a brief, 5 minute version for you to try, which may be a more feasibly time-frame.

Before You Begin

You may wish to practice this in the morning, on your lunch break, or after a long day to de-stress. Before starting, find a comfortable seated position or even feel free to lie down – find the position that will be most comfortable and peaceful for your practice today.

And remember: anything that happens in this meditation is perfect. Thank yourself for taking this time for you.


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2 responses to “5-Minute Meditations: Quick Check-in Body Scan”

  1. Bea says:

    Hi Shin,

    I took an 11-week MBSR class. We always started out with a body scan in corps pose. At first I found it a strange concept and a little contradictory to DBT.

    I now have become to love it because I noticed for once I was really breathing. I noticed things about my body and mind which I previously never had. It can be relaxing but also bring up emotions we may not be ready to deal with.

    The most impressive result was that my chronic pain took a backseat. I acknowledged it was there, but I barely felt it. I felt so calm. My entire body was flooded with warmth and peace. Strange as it may sound, at times it felt as if my body was floating above the ground.

    I can only recommend it. I still do body scans as time allows.

    Thanks for your post and have a lovely day.

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