40 Ways to Feed Your Spiritual Hunger


Filling Up With Something Other Than Food

Today’s blog post is part of our top-40 series to mark Green Mountain’s 40th anniversary.

 Feeding your spiritual hunger

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Sometimes it’s just really hard to imagine how to fill yourself up in lieu of food.  Eating in mindless ways can be an attempt to help yourself feel better, but what if the food isn’t getting to the source of the emptiness? What if it’s spiritual hunger?

Wendy N., a recent participant at Green Mountain at Fox Run, gave us 40 recommendations we can all use when the food is calling and the need is something different than physical hunger.

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Here is the list of quick and longer-term ideas Wendy uses to feed her spirit.

40 Ways to Feed Your Spiritual Hunger

  1. Feel and see sunlight
  2. Look at, listen to, and be near water:  rivers, streams, lakes, ocean
  3. Stretch, as in Streeetchhhh
  4. Be outside
  5. Hike in the woods
  6. Walk on the beach
  7. Watch a sunset
  8. Listen to bird songs
  9. Listen to emotionally stirring music
  10. Hold hands with my husband or think about his arms around me
  11. Participate in a fun and/or worthwhile activity with others
  12. Call, email text message or have a meal with a fun friend
  13. Help someone out
  14. Talk with my daughter or just think about her
  15. Feel strong in my body
  16. Have a friendly conversation with a stranger
  17. Watch children or animals play
  18. Train, walk or play with my dog
  19. spiritual-hungerSing!
  20. Create art work or crafts
  21. Cook a new recipe
  22. Fix something in my house
  23. View art works
  24. Learn and use a new skill
  25. Start something new
  26. Smile and enjoy seeing a smile returned
  27. Visualize an enjoyable trip
  28. Take a long walk, bike ride, etc.
  29. Hug my mom, my daughter, or a friend
  30. Give someone a gift
  31. Visit my elderly aunt
  32. Watch an emotional movie
  33. Enjoy loving and being loved
  34. Laugh
  35. Share happy or intellectual energy with others
  36. Notice when I feel free and write it down to read later
  37. Sit in and savor a beautiful courtyard
  38. Design a schedule that includes time for me
  39. Eat the thing I really want with no judgment and pleasure
  40. Connect with my Green Mountain me by reading my binder

Do any of these ideas speak to you?  Do you have any other suggestion to fill your spirit that others might use? 

3 responses to “40 Ways to Feed Your Spiritual Hunger”

  1. Jenny says:

    Several of these ideas speak to me, I won’t mention them all, but some of the stronger ones are: Be outside, walk on the beach, watch a sunset, watch children play, talk or think about my children and for me grandchildren, holding hands with my husband or having his arms around me, smile and enjoy a smile being returned, enjoy loving and being loved, and Laugh.
    Some things I would add: work in my garden, make a snow man (weather permitting of course), Playing with my grandchildren, and read an inspirational book,

  2. Sandy Smith says:

    Thank you both, Wendy and Darla. Gret ideas/options!!

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