43 Reasons to Stop Dieting Now


Based on over 43 years of working with women at Green Mountain at Fox Run to reach their healthy weights, we don’t think it could be said any better — diets simply don’t work.

Worse yet, diets usually have the exact opposite effect you’re seeking. As a matter of fact, 95% of people who go on a diet end up gaining the weight they lost and many times more within 3 years.

People don’t fail diets, diets fail people.

To mark over four decades of Green Mountain’s non-diet approach to finding your healthy weight and last weekend’s International No Diet Day, we bring you 43 compelling reasons to stop dieting now.

  1. Diets are a temporary “fix,” not a sustainable way of living.
  2. Diets promise one thing – weight loss – and usually deliver another – weight gain.
  3. Diets tell you what you can’t have, not what you can have.
  4. Diets don’t recognize individual differences – metabolism, genetics, diet history, etc.
  5. Diets teach you to ignore what your body is telling you – hunger and fullness cues.
  6. Diets make you feel that you are bad for wanting food that is coined as “BAD” or that your body may need.
  7. Diets make you feel deprived and unsafe.
  8. Diets make you doubt your body, your abilities, your strengths and your willpower.
  9. Diets cut you off from what is pleasurable.
  10. Diets often mean putting your life on hold for weight loss, which may never happen, and if it does, is almost always temporary.
  11. Diets are a misplaced attempt to feel in control when other things in your life feel out-of-control.
  12. Diets allure you, like a lottery ticket.  This is the one that will work…when we know that no diet, or restricted eating plan will work.
  13. Diets ignite a rebel response (the rebellious inner child) and actually make you want to eat more, making the statement “You can’t tell me what to do!”
  14. Dieters report being more stressed than non-dieters.
  15. Yo-yo dieting increases the likelihood of developing health problems.
  16. Diets are hard work that offer little to no results.
  17. Diets ruin your relationship with food.
  18. Diets distract you from enjoying other important aspects of life.
  19. Time spent thinking about, planning and trying to stay on a diet could be spent on a new skill, hobby or talent.
  20. Diets can cause obsessive thoughts about food, which may result in eating more.
  21. Diets don’t let you enjoy the “here and now” because you think in terms of “When I’m _____ then I will _____.”
  22. Diets trash your metabolism. Each time you diet, your metabolism drops more quickly in preparation. It is saying “Here she goes again.”
  23. Diets trigger increased self-judgment.
  24. Diets make you feel hungry even when you’re not through an increase in the hunger hormone ghrelin.
  25. Diets turn you into an emotional hot mess – including loss of focus, moodiness, and “hanger”.
  26. Diets fight your body; they don’t support it.
  27. Diets increase our inner self critic…you know the one, the voice in your head that beats you up, tears you down and makes you feel like you are not good enough.
  28. Diets promote perfection. Life isn’t perfect. People aren’t perfect.
  29. Diets promote one ideal body shape and size.
  30. Diets tell you that you aren’t okay as you are.
  31. Diets are a one-size-fits-all approach for very individualized issues.
  32. Diets make you feel “bad” when you aren’t “being good”.
  33. Dieting is often an unhealthy road to what we think is “better” health.
  34. Diets don’t fix your life.
  35. Diets camouflage the real issues.
  36. Diets are a promise you make to yourself that you cannot keep.
  37. Diets make you think the problem is you.
  38. Diets tell you that you are only as important as your reflection.
  39. Diets don’t teach you how to eat – they teach you how to restrict.
  40. Weight gain after dieting can change body composition, result in belly fat, and subsequently, health problems.
  41. Diets are a punishment for something you didn’t do wrong.
  42. Diets take away your autonomy…YOUR right to choose.
  43. Diets suck…PERIOD!

reasons diets suck

So stop dieting and start living your life to its fullest.

Stop waiting until you reach that number on the scale…instead #BeHerNowBe that woman you think that number is going to create so you can live fully TODAY.

And if you need help moving out of the diet mentality, Green Mountain at Fox Run can help. You’ll learn to say goodbye to diets and restrictions to create and celebrate a new relationship with food and your body…to eat and enjoy food in a way that nourishes your body, mind, and soul.

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