A Thought: When Did We Start Taking Exercising So Seriously?

Taking exercise seriouslyAs children, playing was the exercise of choice. I remember Mom would call me in for dinner but I was too busy to stop my game of Star Wars (I was Princess Leah, after all).

Sledding, climbing trees, jumping rope. Spending hours exploring in the woods, searching for frogs and playing cowboys and Indians. My favorite Christmas gift was a green bike with a floral banana seat with handle bars that had plastic fringe.

The Transition

It was when I gained my “freshmen 15” in college that I began to use organized exercise as a way to lose weight and improve my health.

I started taking aerobics classes in my 20s, joining gyms and learning how to lift weights, then hitting the occasional dance club until 2 am.

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For me, exercise in my 30s and 40s began to feel…more dreadful. I started judging myself with regard to how inferior my athletic ability was compared to the younger women at the gym as well as my lack of hip workout clothes.

And it was certainly more of an effort to get to the gym. I was working full time and raising two young girls. Exercise time had to be planned, childcare arranged, and dinner made in advance for my family.

What would happen if I reverted back to being six again?

Maybe not climbing trees, but what about exploring in the woods?

Hula hooping, playing badminton, making a scarecrow?

Walking the long way because you never know just what treasure you might come across?

Learning some new dance moves, playing Frisbee, or picking apples?

And, you, Dear Reader, what activity can you find some child-like pleasure in?


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