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Do any of these thoughts sound familiar?Explore Eat Enjoy Mindful Eating Practice

  • I don’t really know when I’m physically hungry – unless I’m very hungry
  • I don’t know when I’m satisfied from a meal – just when I’m over full
  • Rather than eating when hungry, I usually eat at designated meal times, stopping when I’ve cleared the plate
  • When I eat, I don’t pay attention – I sit down at the table, have a bite, and all of a sudden I’ve finished the meal

If they do, you’re absolutely not alone..

Distracted Eating Could Be at the Root of Your Weight Struggles

It’s all too common these days for a working lunch to become every lunch, to eat meals on-the-go, and just generally multitask when eating – like cooking, watching television, or doing more work.  

All of these distractions keep you from fully enjoying your meal, and from understanding when and how much to eat so you’re satisfied.

A lifetime of such habits results in something that is all too common: mindless eating which can be one of the root causes of losing connection with hunger and fullness cues, stress/emotional eating, and unhealthy weight gain.

Mindful Eating Could Be At The Root of the Solution

The answer? MindFUL eating, which is explained by Marsha Hudnall, MS, RD, CDN and president/co-owner here at Green Mountain as:

…eating in a supportive manner, using our bodies’ cues to guide us in when, what and how much to eat for satisfaction and wellbeing. It includes all kinds of foods that make us feel well, but that can vary from time to time as well as from person to person.

For health and well-being, then, making mindful eating a habit is a goal.

But it’s that “making it a habit” idea that most people struggle with.

Explore, Eat, Enjoy – Your 5 Day Guided Mindful Eating Practice

So we’ve developed a free 5-day mindful eating program specifically for women who struggle with eating and weight.

Whether you’re a mindful eating novice or an experienced practitioner, this program will help you practice slowing down, and will focus on understanding your hunger and fullness cues, as well as how to find enjoyment and satisfaction from your meals.

We’ll guide you in how to begin to:

  • Hear your internal cues for hunger and fullness
  • Truly taste & find enjoyment in your food
  • Know what feeling “satisfied” after a meal means to you
  • Use internal cues to eat in a way that you enjoy and that supports a healthy weight

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