You May Be Better Off Without A Scale


Green Mountain believes that the diet industry leads women astray with weight loss schemes that only make them fatter, negatively affect their health and keep them from living their dreams.

Maybe you realized long ago that dieting doesn’t work. Maybe you are reaching that conclusion after years of yo-yo dieting. Maybe you still need convincing.

For Healthy Weight Week 2014, we developed this infographic that shows what happens with our minds and our bodies when we diet and use the scale as the measure of our success.

All those diets you might have failed? You’ll see that the problem was the diet, not you.

diets don't work weight gain


2 responses to “You May Be Better Off Without A Scale”

  1. Louise says:

    About 20 years ago when good carbs were finally being recognized and recommended, there was an article I came across about a physician who put several clients on a weight loss diet. There were furious as this was one of those unusual groups of people (at least from my point of view) who were very thin and needed to gain weight. He took them off the diet, and they proceeded to gain back their lost weight, and actually gained more. This was his sole purpose. Sound familiar? The more frequently you “diet”, the more yo-yo-ing your body has to endure. Thus resulting in weight gain for most.

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