Be Your Own Self-Care Detective


Be Your Own Self care detectiveWhen stress increases, self-care decreases. The problem is, this is when we need it the most.

Have you noticed:

You stopped making it to the pool? Your pants feel tighter and all you want to do is eat? You are down on yourself for blowing it (yet again)?

For many of us this pattern is the path downward to hopelessness.

Putting ourselves on the to-do list, remembering that we feel more connected to ourselves and our lives when we are moving, or just counting ourselves as we count others are ways to recalibrate and find the path to self care.

Be a detective. Look to where you are not feeling nurtured.

Example:  You just are not eating the kinds of food that you enjoy and fuel your body.

Ask yourself: Do I not have the food I want to be eating in the house? Have I not prepared the yummy foods I want to be eating when I leave the house? Am I eating at the closest restaurant to work when the one that has the food I want to be eating is a 3 block walk away?

Example:  You were swimming consistently last summer and haven’t even bought a suit this summer.

Ask Yourself: What kind of bathing suit will make me feel most comfortable? What did I do last year to get myself there – swim with a friend, go when they weren’t many people in the pool, put it on my schedule and decide this is what I do Tues and Wed evening? What interrupted my swimming?  Did I forget to include myself on my to do list?

Once you have determined your stumbling block, do some brainstorming, ask for help, write down your plan on your calendar or set an alarm on your phone so that you are prompted to remember it.

What questions can you ask yourself to use your detective skills to reset your self care path?

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