Strategies for Staying Motivated with Your Exercise Routine

Putting the Pizzazz Back into Your Exercise Routine

It happens to the best of us. One day, we’re lovin’ our physical activity routine; the next, frankly, we’re bored, bored, bored. If we have to do that again (whatever that is), we’d rather not do anything at all. And that spells disaster for a healthy lifestyle program. What’s a fool for fitness to do?

Go to the pros.

Check out instructors and personal trainers at the local health club. You’ll see them revamping cardio on the treadmill or elliptical with five minutes at a steady pace, bumped up for the next five to a challengingly intense level, then bringing it back down again. Besides mixing it up, cardio interval training increases cardiovascular endurance, too.

Or, they’re handing out Power Bars (no, not those; the weight lifting kind) and/or resistance tubing. Bonus: More creativity in movements and more flexibility. For example, with resistance tubing, it’s simple to adjust the degree of resistance –just move your feet on the band wider or closer together. Power Bars are a great coordination and balancing tool.

They’re shaking their booty a lot, too. Kickboxing’s still fun, but sassy dance classes like Hip Hop Funk or Salsa Step get your hips moving like they haven’t since, well, Saturday night. Do you work up a sweat? Remember Saturday night?

Try technology.

There’s a whole new world waiting for us if we’re on to today’s technology. Like iPods – from tiny ones that you barely know are there to ones with iPads that have all kinds of extras. They put the beat back into working out. Jam out to your favorite sounds by building playlists of warm-up, high-intensity and cool-down tunes.

Nike+ shoes, along with the Nike + iPod Sport Kit or Sensor, track your runs to tell you time, distance, pace and calories burned (but you can forget that last part. We don’t count calories – either eaten or burned – at Green Mountain). Also gives you that feedback both halfway and in the final approach to your goal. Then, you can load the details into your computer! So? You can throw away that old exercise journal, that one over there in the corner. See it? The one all covered with dust.


Of course, don’t forget the Wii Fit. With all the attention it’s getting, think that’s all we need to say about that (except we encourage you not to get caught up in the numbers – weight, BMI, etc. And remember the point is to move, whether you’re pretending to bowl or box).

Save money, too!

Search YouTube to try different forms of exercise without a financial commitment. It’s full of short ‘videos’ of aerobic or strength classes. They’re not all worth watching, though; some give incorrect advice. Look for those produced by a certified fitness professional.

The options are many for mixing it up to keep the fun in physical activity and achieve your fitness and health goals. Try something new today!


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