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Impact of weight loss assumptions on how you eat Green Mountain has invited me to share one of my blog posts with you today about the assumptions people make about weight loss and dieting. 

My colleague complimented me about how much weight I had lost. She remarked, “You must be working so hard!”

Yes, but no. But, yes.

I’m wondering if by hard work she means….

I’m working hard, but it looks quite different than the typical dieter. Because I am….

  • Sitting with uncomfortable feelings
  • Checking in with my hunger and satisfaction levels
  • Trying to eat in a non-distracted environment
  • Only taking exercise classes that I love, regardless of whether I lose weight or not
  • Keeping foods like ice cream and potato chips in my house

I was talking with another friend at work about this whole weight loss thing. She’s lost the same amount of weight I have. But, she has dieted. She won’t keep food in her house. (Been there, done that, so I have a lot of compassion for her.)

I told her how I did something different this time around.

I bought more ice cream and chips than I could possible ever eat and put them in my pantry.

“WHAT?,” she screamed. “But, I would eat them all immediately.”

Well, yes I did do that, I admitted. But, I kept buying them over and over again, until my heart and my mind new that I was allowed to eat them whenever I wanted. I gave myself unconditional permission to enjoy them.

When I did that, the food lost its power.

“Wow,” my friend said. “That is something I would never do. But, after 40 years of dieting, maybe it’s good to try something different. But I just can’t put this weight back on.”

And that is where our similarities end.

Not that I haven’t felt those feelings before, or that they don’t come back from time to time.

But, my weight loss is not something I pursued.
It happened naturally.
Without restriction and hate.
Without deprivation or compulsivity or obsession.

Have you stopped dieting? What finally happened for you when you gave up the diet mentality?


Jill C blogs about eating mindfully and living intuitively at Eating as A Path to Yoga.


Twitter: eatingpath2yoga

3 responses to “Guest Post: Weight Loss Assumptions”

  1. Lisa says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Jill. It’s so inspirational to see how you’ve changed your life by giving up dieting and diet thinking.

  2. Very inspiring! I ought to do the same. Thanks for this great story. Hope you continue to inspire your readers like me! 🙂

  3. Thanks for allowing me to share! Blessings!

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