If I Lose Weight…..


is the scale good for weight loss?

  • will be taken seriously for that promotion
  • will finally find the love of my life
  • will be a better athlete
  • will wear a bathing suit on vacation
  • will actually GO on vacation
  • will reduce the risk of diabetes
  • will sign up for a 5K
  • will go horse back riding again
  • will buy flattering clothes
  • will be happy

How many of these thoughts, or more just like them, have we had over the years?  All too often, plans are put on hold until we hit that magical number on the scale we’ve seen on goal weight charts. It doesn’t matter if that number is realistic or not, if we’ve ever maintained that weight in the past, or that we know in the back of our minds that life won’t be a bowl of cherries once we look different.

In the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, considering the death toll that keeps rising, it makes me think about unfinished plans. There is no doubt in my mind that some of the people who passed away had goals or plans for the future that are now left undone. It’s beyond tragic.

You’ve heard this message from me before, and I do understand that we must wait for some things in life. However, many of our goals and plans may be attainable now, without weight loss, but we are holding ourselves back for reasons we create in our minds.

Letting something like dissatisfaction with our weight or our appearance prevent us from living our lives NOW is a sad thought. None of us know when our last day on this earth will be. Now is the time to be good to yourself, be with the people you love, do the things you’ve dreamed of, and appreciate every moment you are alive.

Consider what, if any, plans you’ve put off because you feel you need to lose weight first.  I think many people will find that there are plenty of things we can do now, regardless of whether or not we are at our goal weight.

3 responses to “If I Lose Weight…..”

  1. Deborah says:

    I’ve put off a heap. The worst one… I’d meet the man of my dreams and fall in love (and he would fall in love with me). I’m now 44 and still very overweight. And single.

  2. Christina says:

    I am just wrapping up my divorce and am feeling that I need to wait until I am at a healthier weight to date but I know that’s stinking thinking! I have two friends that are healthy weights and they are divorced too! I have put off learning to swim because of the bathing suit issue. . . but taking swimming lessons is going to be my new year’s goal!

  3. Robyn says:

    Thanks for commenting, ladies. Marriages are always challenging, “healthy” weight or not and we could always find something to be self-conscious about when dating or putting on a bathing suit. I understand all of these concerns and I hope you feel brave enough to go after what makes you happy. Christina, I’m excited for you about the swimming lessons. I know you’ll have fun!

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