Reduce Overeating with Healthy Rebel Behavior

two women looking like rebelsEasier to add behaviors than remove them

When you want to make a change, such as overcoming overeating, it is easier to add a behavior than to take one away. One thing I suggest is to experiment with adding healthy rebel behavior to your life.

In my last blog I talked about how rebel behavior can feel like self sabotage. By noticing the “shoulding” and self criticism you do to yourself, you can learn how sneaking eating or drinking or shopping can be triggered.

But healthy rebel behavior is an outlet for that “jazzy” energy and can reduce overeating and sneaky eating or the “screw it” attitude when it comes to enjoyable exercise or movement.

Healthy rebel behavior is very individual and one size does not fit all. It is what is edgy for you. For some people that might be swearing and for others it might be learning to ride a Harley.

Find your own rebel behavior to add

Here are some ideas that women at Green Mountain at Fox Run are using:

  • Dance to rap or comedic music
  • Go for a drive, blasting music, windows rolled down
  • Go commando
  • Engage in outdoor sex  (safe sex, of course…and with someone you know, hopefully)
  • Go to the bathroom in the men’s room
  • Fill your water bottle from the water coolers “for cups only”
  • Use naughty words
  • Unbuckle your seatbelt on a plane while the seatbelt sign is still lit
  • Rearrange someone’s organizational system
  • Wear un-matching socks
  • Go barefoot
  • Go in to a store and ask the salesclerk a question…in an accent
  • Trespass
  • DARE to love yourself
  • Do something spontaneous
  • Make a bucket list and follow through with the activities
  • Dare to take a day to yourself
  • Get a Brazilian wax
  • Wear a push-up bra!
  • Put up Christmas lights in July
  • Scream! Let it out and SCREAM!

Rebel energy, whether it be sneaking food or refusing to get out of bed to go for a walk, helps us feel like we are giving something to ourselves that we shouldn’t be doing. So experiment with some wild and weird safe behaviors that can make you feel more alive and maybe even laugh.

Please, oh please, send me your ideas for healthy rebel behavior. My goal is a list for 100! Thanks

11 responses to “Reduce Overeating with Healthy Rebel Behavior”

  1. jules- big girl bombshell says:

    My 3 current healthy rebel behaviors:
    1. doing daily “playing” via the Wii….yoga, meditation, running, and other cardio and strength training games
    2. using exercise ball for yoga and planks
    3. Using the internet to research and analyze MY food myths rather than relying on emotions

  2. katty says:

    so funny! I did have healthy rebel behaviours and I didn’t know it!
    Rebel 1- informed my family my gym time is mine to use it for the gym or for whatever else I wanted(nap, internet,drive around just for so), but was not going to be used in them, for them, by them.
    Rebel 2- I informed them I was only do the laundry I found in the laundry room. And, if too many clothes were piled at the same time, I’d do mine first. Go Rebel!
    Rebel 3- I decided to buy healthy take-away for some time to give myself a respite. Should mama cook? Oh yes, she should, but she ain’t cooking! She just wants to lay on the couch after work like everybody else in the home does!
    Rebel 4- I haven’t attended any single conference this year. Talk about rebel!

    • Darla says:

      Katty, So great that you were doing healthy rebel behavior and not knowing it. It is about making things your own , like your gym time and adding some spice to your life by not cooking. Woo hoo! for you and your healthy rebel behaviors. Darla

  3. My current healthy rebel behaviors:
    1. Sing and make lots of loud, funny noises while I dance in my Nia classes
    2. Get a pedicure with each toenail having a different color
    3. Show off my multi-colored twinkle toes by going barefoot or wearing sandals
    4. If it’s really cold, wear silly socks with sandals
    5. Swim naked in our backyard pool (but it’s too cold right now)
    6. Divest myself of lots of stuff by finding people who can really use what we have and giving it to them
    7. Prepare to put our house on the market before we figure out where we’re going to live

    • Darla says:

      Benay, Thanks so much for your great ideas. I totally love the twinkle toes. What a fun thing to do. Good luck with selling your house. What an opportunity to step out of the box and into possibility. Darla

  4. Shannon says:

    Wow, this post really spoke to me! I was surprised at how uncomfortable the thought of doing some of the healthy rebel behaviors made me. I’m supposed to be a “good girl” and always do the right thing, right? Maybe not.

    • Darla says:

      Hi Shannon, I really appreciate your honesty and so often rebel behavior comes out as sneakiness around food. Working to discover what might feel edgy, but scary or unsafe is part of the process of finding healthy rebel behaviors that work for you.

  5. Jean says:

    I really needed this reminder and I need to increase my rebel behavior related to work

    I already do these two
    1. Just because you give me a blackberry does not mean that I have to look at it or keep it turned on.
    2. Just because you call my home phone weekends and evenings does not mean I have to return the call til regular business hours…

    Here us what I think I might try next. Calling in sick for a self care kinda day.

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