Fast Food Make-Over for McDonald’s Menu


apple healthy snack optionMcDonald’s menu make look a little different come 2013, as the fast food giant  just announced it’s plans to revamp their 2013 menu to be more in-line with the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.  Some of the potential additions one might find are whole-grain English muffins, seasonal produce, egg-white options, and possibly grilled McNuggets.

Previous improvements included reducing sodium content for their entire menu, adding apple slices and skim milk to happy meals, and adding oatmeal (albeit with fake maple syrup – unless you live in VT where we demanded the real-deal) to their breakfast menu.

Does it sound like I’m all fired up to eat at McDonald’s?  Not really… but I am excited to see a shift in the type of foods being offered based on customer demand and concern for health and well-being.  I equate it to trans fats being removed from so many products, brown rice as a Chinese restaurant staple, or whole wheat pizzas being easier to find.  If we ask for it enough, eventually we’ll get a response.

Now whether or not the typical McDonald’s patron demanded the apple slices and oatmeal might be debatable, but someone wanted it.  In the end the McDonals frequent flier may benefit from some slightly more healthy fast food options….let’s hope people choose them so they’ll stay on the menu.

Do you have luck with finding healthy fast food options?  What is your fast food go-to that feels like a reasonable choice?

2 responses to “Fast Food Make-Over for McDonald’s Menu”

  1. For me, a reasonable choice is a 6 inch at Subway or 2 hard shell tacos at Taco Bell. I’ll admit that I love McDonalds, too. Especially their Diet Coke, light ice.

    What works for me is to keep my refrigerator full of foods that feel good in my body. Then, I can make the choice as to whether I want to eat out or eat in. If I don’t have groceries, than I automatically turn to fast food.

    It feels like better self-care to give myself the choice.

  2. Robyn says:

    Agreed, Subway is usually a decent choice for a fast meal. It’s nice to have a back up plan for those times when you are out of the house or maybe the kitchen isn’t as well stocked as we would like. I like now being able to get veggie burgers more easily when grabbing something on the go. Now if only Burger King would offer a 100% whole grain roll……

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