Celebrate The Journey, Not Merely The Destination


mara glatzel bloggerThis is a guest post by Self-Love Body Coach, Mara Glatzel, who will be hosting a workshop at Green Mountain from Sept. 9-15 called “Stop Waiting, Stop Hating and Start Living” on living the life you were meant to lead today — not tomorrow, not Monday.

How many times have you conjured up your newest plan to: reinvent your life, lose fifty pounds, find the love of your dreams, or _______?

You lay the groundwork. You busy yourself for days, weeks, months on end, getting ready to begin.

You tell yourself, “Monday. Monday I will begin. For real this time,” only to look back a year down the line and realize that you are no closer to achieving what you set out to do.

We are an outcome-driven society. We love a good success story – scanning the magazines in the checkout aisle for someone who has really done it! We love to gather the plans and sure-fire tricks of others in a desperate attempt to rid ourselves of ourselves.

We punish ourselves when we do not live up to our own expectations, admonishing ourselves for our lack of willpower, and say sternly: “I will begin again on Monday. No fooling around this time.

How might it feel if you were to instead able to connect with your body right this second, assessing its needs/wants, and turn your day around?

Not Monday – right this second.

What if you were able to learn to love the process of becoming – the eternal journey of moving from who we’ve been to who we truly are?

The process of discerning what we need, and learning to ask for it – out loud.

The process of letting people into our hearts.

The process of taking big, huge leaps of faith, before we think we’re ready.

You are now, and always will be, at some point in the process of becoming more authentically you.

The party is now. You deserve love today. You are already worth a promotion.

You are ready, right this second.

And that’s something worth celebrating.

You can read more about body love and authentic living at Mara’s blog, Medicinal Marzipan.

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  1. Deborah says:

    Wish I was in the US…..


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