Stop Binge Eating by Connecting with Your Senses: Another Green Mountain KISS


Smell…fresh baked bread right out of the oven.

Taste…a crisp juicy pink lady apple.

See…the blush of the sun on a snowy mountain top

Hear…the sigh of contentment after taking a sip of delicious coffee.

Feel…the warmth of the fire on your hands when you come in from a snowshoe.

These are your senses which serve you so well and help you to mindfully connect with your body. Sometimes we can take our sensing abilities for granted, not appreciating the amazing connection to our body they offer us.

The process of plugging into your senses and noticing is an easy way to reconnect with your body. So, when you find yourself on the merry go round — that is not so merry — of numbing out, eating without thinking, and wishing, wishing you were doing something differently, tune into your senses. Your senses are your first defense against unconscious eating and the most mindful tool you have to connect with your body.

Sometimes when we use food to disconnect with feelings, we end up not knowing when we are hungry or full.  We don’t recognize when we are a little stressed and need to take action before the stress escalates. Ignoring our body sensations can become habituated and we can float through the day without knowing what is really going on inside ourselves.

Try this binge eating interrupter strategy from Robyn, our nutritionist here at our healthy weight loss program for women.  As you focus on wanting to binge, notice,with mindful intention, the Taste of the food. Although we may not be able to completely avoid the binge, tasting helps us stay in the moment.  It has the potential to help us stop the binge earlier than usual and by tasting we might have the added benefit of enjoying the food.

Our senses give us hints about what we like and don’t like. Instead of discounting our body feedback, we can get better at tuning into the information that helps us know what our body likes and appreciates, whether it’s food, clothes or company.

So my Green Mountain KISS (#gmKISS) for today is to encourage you to perk up, notice, and take in the information your senses are feeding you all the time. By focusing on taste, smell, sight, hearing, and feeling, you are gifting yourself with the feedback loop that helps you to stay mindfully present.

What sense speaks to you most loudly? Is there a sense that you frequently ignore? What ideas to you have for connecting with your senses?

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