It Happened This Week: Fad Diets, Fortified Junk Food and BlogHer


This week, we’ve talked a bit about our past diet foibles. We’ve all had them, whether it’s cutting out carbs or adult weight loss camps like the Biggest Loser. In the archived postRequiem for a Fad Diet Author,” Marsha wonders why we keep falling for fad diet schemes.

The Onion has a funny take on the school lunch debate: “school lunch programs that teach children to avoid all contact with food may not be an effective method of reducing teen obesity rates.”

The Mayo Clinic weighs in on fortified junk food.

Body Love Wellness talks about learning to trust yourself: “Don’t make the mistake of discrediting your intuition. Listen to it, and it will begin to speak louder; just give it time.”

Diabetes Self Management has the scoop on timing exercise for maximum blood glucose control.

MizFit shares photos from her weekend at BlogHer.

The F-Word Blog deconstructs Elle Macpherson’s view on plus-sized clothing and feminism.


4 responses to “It Happened This Week: Fad Diets, Fortified Junk Food and BlogHer”

  1. I’m off to read some of those. I already caught up with MizFit this morning!

  2. I hadn’t seen The Onion article. Kind of wish I hadn’t seen it now, as I’ll be giggling all afternoon. Abstinence pledges, indeed. 🙂

    Have an awesome weekend!

  3. Sagan says:

    Loved the Mayo Clinic article, I feel the same way about that issue. And as always adore The Onion!

  4. Laura Lee aka the Midlife Crisis Queen says:

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