It Happened This Week: Jessica Simpson, Self Acceptance and No Regrets


“Jessica Simpson, who was battered by media coverage about her weight earlier this year, is…reportedly shopping around a new reality program that focuses on society’s scrutiny of women’s bodies.” Will you watch?

The “secret first step” to mindful eating? Self Acceptance, says Dr. Susan Albers on the Huffington Post. “The goal of self-acceptance is to learn how to say, ‘I am who I am’ without trying to radically change yourself or body shape.” At Green Mountain, we’ve been encouraging self-acceptance for years because it is also the secret first step to living well.

We like how Bacon is my Enemy took an honest inventory of what she wanted to change about her life. The results made her feel surprisingly lighter.

The Mayo Clinic blog asks, What Causes Overeating? “To prevent overeating and weight gain, we first have to understand what drives us to eat.”

Check your attitude. The more you practice thinking positively about following a healthful diet, the sooner you’ll adopt a more positive attitude toward food, says Psychology Today.

Our Lady of Weight Loss responded to National Donut Day by calling on the Angel of Avocado for a recipe.

Cammy from the Tippy Toe Diet talks about letting go of regrets.

From the archives: Last year around this time, we asked you to test your knowledge of fruits and veggies.


4 responses to “It Happened This Week: Jessica Simpson, Self Acceptance and No Regrets”

  1. Gina says:

    I think it’s a really great idea to think about what really makes you eat, when you aren’t even hungry. I know a lot of times I eat when I am tired, or when I am bored. I am aware of that, so I need to work on it. I’m not killing myself over my “flaws” but I am staying aware. Great post.

  2. Sagan says:

    Great links- and with regards to the overeating, Kessler’s “The End of Overeating” is a fantastic book that I just reviewed on my blog.

  3. Marsha says:

    I’ve just started Kessler’s book so will be sure to tune in when I’m done. 🙂

  4. mir says:

    that post by bacon is my enemy was great!

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