It Happened This Week: Models without Makeup


French Elle puts models on its cover that are — gasp — not wearing makeup or airbrushed! Bitch magazine has a review.

We are flattered to have made the list of food- and nutrition-oriented blogs that dietitians recommended to the Chicago Tribune.

Diet-blog serves up tips on how to feel good in your bathing suit, no matter your size: “As painful as swimsuit shopping is, it’s a necessary part of enjoying summer fun. Forget those fashion magazines with Photoshopped beauties on the cover … bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and if we all waited until we looked like supermodels to hit the beach or pool, no one would ever go.”

The Huffington Post reveals that the Bush Administration used Jenny Craig and Slim Fast diets to justify torture techniques: “While we do not equate commercial weight loss programs and this interrogation technique, the fact that these calorie levels are used in the weight-loss programs, in our view, is instructive in evaluating the medical safety of the interrogation technique.”

We stumbled on this neat site called the Diabetic Pastry Chef. Yummy recipes that diabetics can enjoy to satisfy the sweet tooth!

Diabetes Health discusses how women with diabetes can improve their self image through support networks like Divabetic.

3 responses to “It Happened This Week: Models without Makeup”

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  2. Elizabeth says:

    I love that you pointed out this information about the French Elle, especially since France is country known for fashion and classic beauty.
    Thank you for empowering women with wonderful information.
    Sincerely, Elizabeth “The Kitchen Vixen”

  3. Sue says:

    Great links! Thanks. Makeup is the least of the evils – the airbrushing is the worst as far as creating the “perfect” and unattainable to-die-for body. I hope they carry on this trend – it might seep through to the rest of us.
    The bathing suit link however was a little sad… it insinuated that one has to improve in order to wear a bathing suit . You don’t. Even imperfect people are allowed to enjoy the feeling of water, sun, sand, and wind on their skin. I find, that once the wind touches me – nothing else is relevant… and all is well 🙂

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