It Happened This Week: Fear, Water and Soda


An interesting  study in Pediatrics finds that schools with ample water fountains and refillable water bottles had a 30 percent lower obesity rate. Now do you believe that drinking enough water can make a world of difference?

The Boston Globe reports on a controversial new measure for Massachusetts public schools to send reports home to parents alerting them if their child weighs too much or too little.” As we’ve discussed before, harping on weight and BMI can be detrimental to a kid’s focus and lead to disordered eating.

Read about this dentist treating patients with “Mountain Dew Mouth.” What do you think? Will it help to tax sugary sodas?

Diabetes Self Management discusses fear and moving from fear to confidence. When your doctor scares you with all of the possible complications that diabetes can bring, is this paralyzing or motivating? We’re not sure fear is a healthy motivator and certainly can’t sustain you in the long run. But it’s interesting to think about how fear (which will certainly creep in) can affect us.

In Newsweek, a former child model talks about how she became a photographer and turned the lens on exposing the underworld of plastic surgery. “There are only a few choices when it comes to overcoming your past,” write Cara Phillips. You can let your life become an endless cycle of repeating it, you can move so far away from it that you perhaps never really escape it or you can choose to confront and dissect it.”

Marjorie Taylor of the Cook’s Atelier inspires us by writing that “Something as simple as lunch can be a perfect opportunity to stand up for what you believe in….good food represents a conscious choice about the way we live and an opportunity to rethink our priorities.” In a post on Sustainable Table, she talks about reconnecting with food and putting value back into the ingredients. We couldn’t agree more! Plus, she shares a recipe for a salad topped with a poached farm egg — yum!

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