Is Television Bad For Your Waistline?


No, I’m not referring to some scrumptious concoction you might see cooking up on the Food Network, or the latest microwavable cake being sensuously devoured by an underwear model — I’m talking about the news.

At this point I doubt anyone escapes the wrath of bad economic news. Daily we’re being spoon fed the stuff on the Nightly News, CNN, MSNBC — choose your poison.

If you combine the recent events on Wall Street, with the insidious rise in unemployment, layer on the fact that many Americans are at risk of losing their homes this very day, and the fact that we’re still at war, gaining a few extra pounds seem like childs play, doesn’t it?

The truth is, turning on the news can  give you an upset stomach and like many Americans make you turn to your cupboards for solace. With all the anxiety out there, I thought it might be worth it to direct you to a Green Mountain at Fox Run Update that was published in the winter of 2002.

Food for thought…


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