It Happened This Week: Diabetes Books, Frozen Goodies and Reality Shows


We’re jazzed that sustainability maven Alice Waters has introduced a new line of frozen foods. Each entree comes with an “oven-ready terra-cotta plate rubbed with garlic and sprinkled with salt” and “laden with seasonal vegetables.” Now that sounds like a winner! Link via Civil Eats.

Diabetes Mine reviews the Real-Life Guide to Diabetes, recently published by the ADA, which is full of handy tips for people with Type 2.

On Salon, Kate Harding discusses new research that shows “certain kids’ brains develop in such a way that makes them more vulnerable to the more commonly known risk factors for eating disorders.” Her point: It’s not your mother’s fault. So why do so many people (including doctors) still believe this?

Reuters reports that young vegetarians may be at a higher risk for binge eating disorders. When guiding youth in meal planning and nutrition, it’s wise to consider a person’s motives for choosing a vegetarian diet, says the professor who conducted the study.

Big Fat Deal blog writes about a new “fat version of The Bachelor” called More to Love. Apparently, Fox execs wanted to give “real women” a chance to find love, too. Of course we’re all for people of different sizes getting airtime and finding love, but does the show have to be about them being fat? It sounds more like a platform for jokes than a step toward size acceptance. Stay tuned.

Star Jones tells Oprah that even after dropping 160 pounds, there are days when she still feels 300 pounds. Wow, she must be human! That’s a big change, but it just goes to show that no matter how much weight you lose, if your body image doesn’t change, you’ll have a hard time accepting yourself at any size. It’s not just about the pounds but the person.

Body Love Wellness blog made a list of all the things in life to be grateful for. “Writing out what you’re grateful for takes you to the present and re-envisions your past,” writes Golda. “When you feel grateful for what you have, you ground yourself in the present moment.” I’m grateful for women bloggers!!

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