Just Say ‘NO’ to sugar?


A research team out of Princeton headed by psychology professor Bart Hoebel tested heavy doses of sugar on rats and found that the sugar had many addictive traits, similar to those seen with such highly addictive drugs as cocaine. These initial studies revealed that sugar has the same type of impact on the brain as some of these other drugs.

Hmm, sugar is as addicting as heroin or cocaine. Now, before you all join together in a carb-craving rallying cry, “I told you so!” “I’m hooked on sugar.” It’s like crack!” “SEE! It really IS like crack!” I want to say, I have my little doubts.

Now, I’m the first to admit that at times I’ve felt like I ‘can’t do sugar’. I usually joke to my friends that apparently I’m not mature enough to enjoy a piece of cake now and then, because once I indulge, its cake all the time.

But, if I’m being fair to myself and really look at those situations when I finally decide to partake in sweet treats, it is often when I haven’t been feeding myself, or taking care to manage my stress.

Something else to consider is that women are more attracted to carbohydrates because of the  neurotransmitters in our brains. If we eat sugar when we’re hungry, we’re much more likely to return to sugar in an effort to get satisfied. Hence…more cake!

In the interest of science, what I want to know is, when they shoved those little rats full of sugar, were they happy and full of cheese beforehand? Were they asked nicely if they cared for an after dinner mint, or just force fed M&M’s within an inch of their lives?

3 responses to “Just Say ‘NO’ to sugar?”

  1. Sean says:

    Pretty interesting questions. Funny thing with me is that I’ve been pretty good with sugar lately since I’ve been watching myself.

  2. Erica says:

    I think I might be one of those rats…

  3. Sandy says:

    Yes an interesting study but I have found that once you detox and get rid of a lot of chemicals that interfere with the weight control mechanism the cravings for sugar disappear. In fact you can still satisfy any sweet craving by having very nutritious green smoothies. Although they may not sound good they are in fact delicious and taste sweet because they are made with fruit. Once your cells are nourished and your diet balanced you don’t get cravings.

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