Fitness: A Case of the Fridays


You’ve heard of having a ‘case of the Mondays,’ right? Well, I find I’m more likely to fall under the influence of Friday rather than Monday. On the first day of the weekend, the last thing I want to do is pencil a workout into my last-day-of-the-week schedule. Because everyone suffers at one time or another from lack of motivation in terms of moving their bodies, I’ve put together a nice list of ideas to prevent throwing in the towel entirely on such days.

1. Make plans with a workout buddy. I’ve recently been working out with a friend five days a week, and am proud to announce I’ve only missed one workout this week…and felt horribly guilty about leaving her hanging that day. Though I wasn’t always excited before the workout, I never walked away regretting it.
2. Choose recreation. Have an activity planned especially for low motivation days that’s nothing but fun. Play with your dog, go dancing with friends, or maybe even go shopping – power walking from store to store of course.
3.Create the perfect playlist. If you’re like me, the perfect lineup of tunes can get you through almost anything…and probably even help you enjoy it. Having an arsenal of playlists with different genres of music can help you feel satisfied with what you’re hearing while in any type of mood.
4. Plan a reward. The right incentive can go a long way. A movie night with the girls, that new pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing, or giving yourself permission to sleep in an hour later the next morning might be all you need to push through your workout.
5. Phone a friend. I have a girlfriend that I can call up at any time who is prepared to motivate me at the first sign of giving in. Awhile back I told her I needed her to be that motivational buddy who I can pull from whenever I need an extra push. She’s never failed me.

Of course, some days our bodies really need a break. It’s most important to enjoy movement and listen to our body’s cues…even if that means hitting the hay early and moving tomorrow when it can truly be enjoyed.

2 responses to “Fitness: A Case of the Fridays”

  1. I found that working out on Friday morning is the only time I’ll do it. And then I can go out Friday night and not feel so bad in having a glass of wine or two with dinner! 🙂

  2. Miranda says:

    I’m there with you 100%! When it comes to working out on Fridays….forget about it. I get off work and I want to come home and order a pizza. But I try to make it to the gym anyway just so I won’t feel guilty and once it’s over it makes the start of the weekend that much better. Thanks for sharing!

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