Type 2 Diabetes May Increase Your Risk for Tuberculosis


A study from the University of Texas School of Public Health Brownsville Regional Campus (UTSPH) indicates that Type 2 diabetes patients may be more likely to contract tuberculosis (TB).

From the diabetes blog at About.com:

  • Type 2 diabetes, especially Type 2 diabetes involving chronic high blood sugar, is associated with altered immune response to TB, and this was particularly marked in patients with chronically high blood sugar.
  • Patients with diabetes and TB take longer to respond to anti-TB treatment.
  • Patients with active tuberculosis and Type 2 diabetes are more likely to have multi-drug resistant TB.

Joseph B. McCormick, M.D., UTSPH regional dean, believes that that these results herald new avenues of treatment.

“It opens a door to doing something about it,” said McCormick, the university’s James H. Steele Professor. “We can educate physicians and offer more TB screenings. We have an opportunity to make sure patients are diagnosed correctly and that there is no delay in diagnosis.”

It can be hard to avoid an airborne illness like TB, but if you have if you have Type 2 diabetes, it’s extremely maintain your blood sugar.  If it’s out of control, you’re more at risk for TB.

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  1. Interesting…and another reason to keep your weight in check and eat a healthy diet.

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