Emotional Eating: Flowers brighten mood


‘Blah’ days can make you feel lethargic and disinclined to get out and be active. When it’s cold, overcast and dark, it’s also easier to feel a little down, which is one of my triggers for emotional eating.

To perk myself up, I’ve found that it helps to buy a fresh bouquet of flowers for the table (even though I know the cat will eventually get to it)!  Flowers have always been a pick-me-up, but little did I know that there’s a scientific basis for it.

A Universal ‘Pick-Me-Up’

According to a study of behavioral and emotional responses to receiving flowers, participants expressed “true” or “excited” smiles upon receiving flowers, demonstrating extraordinary delight and gratitude. The reaction was universal, occurring in all age groups. In addition, participants reported feeling less depressed, anxious and agitated after receiving flowers and a higher sense of enjoyment and life satisfaction.

Seniors performed higher on everyday memory tasks and experienced enriched personal memories in the presence of flowers, according to study leader Jeannette Haviland-Jones, a professor of psychology at Rutgers University.

Flower Power in Stopping Emotional Eating

I’ve worked hard to not use food as a mood regulator, and it’s good to know that flowers can help beat a case of the ‘blahs.’ But emotional eating issues are complex and individual, so understanding the reasons why I turned to food in times of boredom and stress, and how that impacted my self-esteem, was vitally important to learn how to change my behavior. For more insight, read Stopping Emotional Eating, Coping with People at Home or Stopping Emotional Eating:Getting the Support We Need.

Spring Flowers: A Natural Mood-Enhancer for a Healthy Lifestyle

If you want to make flowers a part of your healthy lifestyle, here’s a few tips to keep them lasting longer:

  • Tulips are thirsty flowers and apt to toss back a glass of cool fresh water each day, but the little cut-flower food packets are not necessary.
  • Keep spring flowers away from sources of heat, including direct sunlight, radiators, lamps and television sets.
  • Tulips and daffodils get along in the garden, but not in the same vase.

Treat yourself to a bouquet today, or give one to a friend or loved one. It’ll do wonders to brighten your – or their -day!

2 responses to “Emotional Eating: Flowers brighten mood”

  1. The way weight loss issues are presented here is very educative and informative, the good work should be continued

  2. Vee says:

    Hi, Laura!

    A good article. I enjoyed that!

    I agree. Flowers are a pick-me-up especially scented flowers. I usually have a small vase of yellow freesias on my work desk. Freesias are most famous for their intense perfume, which can envelope an entire room.

    Only the yellow freesias are strongly perfumed, however. If fragrance is your thing, those yellow blossoms guarantee to please!

    Any positive change of mindset will help to curb emotional eating.

    All my best wishes,

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