Fitness and Injury – Don’t Throw in The Towel


There’s a lot of time spent on this blog talking about an all or nothing mentality and I know it’s a tough one to get past. Just recently, I was reminded of my own struggle with this concept as I worked through yet another injury – a broken foot. Yes, I’m officially a klutz, tripping over myself walking out my front door. (I’m telling people it happened rock climbing in Peru, it’s much sexier).

When an injury or any other legitimate circumstance takes us out of our every day routine, it’s easy to let other areas of our healthy lifestyle slip as well. For me, that can sometimes mean over eating, or at the very least eating food that’s easier and more convenient (try preparing dinner on one leg), which can translates into high fat, high carbohydrate.

The problem is, when I become lethargic about moving my body, I usually get the same way about the food I eat – and how much I eat. Conversely, when I begin to overeat, which often makes me feel lethargic; I don’t feel much like moving my body. Throwing in the towel on both healthy eating AND physical activity is a sure recipe for weight gain.

Years ago, a wise sage of Green Mountain fame told me to always remember that if you’re hanging on to one of the prongs of healthy living (healthy eating, movement and positive attitude), you haven’t thrown in the towel. You haven’t given up. You’re still being successful.

So, you’ll excuse me while I go do a few push up’s against my dresser…and think good thoughts.

2 responses to “Fitness and Injury – Don’t Throw in The Towel”

  1. Leesha says:

    ouch! happy recovery with the broken foot. I know exactly where you are coming from, I am a runner and the time I am out running (like now) is the time my Intuitive eating becomes a real struggle

  2. Cindy says:

    Leesha, you mean you’re NOT running now and that’s when it’s a problem? I think activity helps me with hunger. When I’m active I’m not thinking about food and in general I feel more satisfied. If I’m sitting around doing nothing I believe I’m hungry when I’m probably not. I can be sitting around thinking ‘hmm, I’m kind of hungry, what’s in the frig?’ But if I get distracted by activity, i.e., going outside to get the mail or run an errand I’ll suddenly realize that feeling has completely gone. Very interesting! 😉

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