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“I can’t get the things I want. I can’t lead the lifestyle I want. I can’t be like I want, but I can control my body.’ There are people who think this way.”

So said Enrique Berbel, a psychologist who works with eating disorder patients in Spain about Spain’s new wealth and attitudes that are driving the fast increase in eating disorders.

The government in Spain has made a “model of healthy beauty” a national priority – so mannequins less than US size 6 are out, and clothing sizes will be standardized – you’ll be the same size no matter the clothing line or what store you buy it in! And they’re not fooling around…to get a better idea of the shapes of Spanish women’s bodies, the government is employing some heavy technology.

Using laser-fitted booths that can take 130 measurements of a body in 30 seconds, the Health Ministry is fanning out across the country to assess the sizes of Spanish women. The standardization is to be phased in after the study is completed this year.

If you follow this blog, you’ll recall that Cindy blogged about the Spanish ban on ultra-thin models and I posted about New York Fashion Weeks taking a “pass” on the ban.

I’m really impressed by the Spainish governments commitment – and not just in words – to supporting a standard of healthy beauty…anyone here listening? We’ll keep you “posted” as things continue to develop!

Good day to all – Gina

3 responses to “The Model of Health”

  1. Leesha says:

    Wow, it’s a shame this can’t be enforced internationally.

  2. Gina V says:

    Thanks for your comment, Leesha – I wish none of this were necessary, that food wasn’t political, that body shape wasn’t a matter of how “good” someone is, and that there was no money to be made in telling women that they aren’t good enough.

    I took a look at your blog – I really enjoyed your posts this week. Keep up the non-dieting!


  3. Fit Gal says:

    Such politics can easily create generations of unhappy women obsessed with their weight and measurements… Ladies, be yourself, accept yourself, LOVE yourself!

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