Living Well with Diabetes


Exciting news for people with type 2 diabetes that are using Byetta – Lilly announced this week that after first use, Byetta does not require refrigeration if kept under 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

Byetta is a new class of diabetes drug, which is used in conjunction with Metformin. Although it is injected, it is not insulin – in fact, it was developed through the saliva of the Gila monster!

Of course, Byetta isn’t the cure all – no drug will ever be able to give you health – when it feels great to wake up in the morning – in the way that lifestyle changes can. If you’re still struggling with your health, weight and diabetes, consider joining Green Mountain’s and Joslin Diabetes Center’s program for type 2 diabetes starting this April 15th at Green Mountain’s women’s only residential retreat in Vermont.

Yes, you already know that making healthy food choices and exercising are good for you – but what if you could make those behaviors a habit that you enjoyed? Isn’t that what we’re all looking for – a true change of mind, change of body, change of life?

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