Ten Tips for Overcoming Overeating


Overcome Overeating Starting With These 10 Tips

Ten Tips for Overcoming OvereatingIf I could condense my tips for overcoming overeating in a pretty little package for you, this would be it.

1 Make the Decision

When it’s time to make a real change, it takes a real commitment. Making time and space both emotionally and in your schedule is essential. Although we may want to believe otherwise, we usually do our best when we focus on one big challenge at a time.

2 Change Your Environment

When you’re working hard to change how you nurture and nourish yourself in new ways, it’s helpful to have an external reminder that you are in transit, that you are becoming a new version of yourself. Think of a small (or large) change you can make that will remind you every day that you are in the midst of a beautiful shift. You could paint a wall a color you love, buy some new plates or cloth napkins, you might hang a photo of a beloved destination. Go for a shot of inspiration!

3 Decide Who’s Inside the Circle with You

And who’s not! You want the most supportive, loving, and uplifting people in your circle when you are making this level of change. Set protective boundaries around your time and physical space – the friend that texts you a million times a day with all the drama? Do you really want that energy taking up space when you need to focus on caring for yourself in new ways? Choose wisely and well.

4 Choose Your Daily Essentials

We’ve talked about the power of small daily practices. Pick 3 things that you will do for yourself each day. They can change daily but you want small moments of delicious self-care sprinkled through your day to fill you up. A bit of meditation, a walk outdoors, a lovingly prepared breakfast…all good.

5 Soothe Your Nervous System

I’m a bit of a broken record around here on this one but I believe that to balance your weight/eating you must balance your nervous system. Getting out of fight-or-flight and the stress response allows you to plug into your body’s natural healing mechanisms.

Meditation, journaling, tai chi or yoga, especially restorative yoga, or even sitting on your back steps watching the birds help reset your nervous system so you can continue to heal and thrive.

6 Tune Into Your Senses

What’s your most powerful sense? I’m very visual so adding bits of visual eye-candy in my environment, taking walks in pretty places, wearing clothes that I love all please this part of me. How can you “drop into your senses” and give your over-thinking busy brain a rest?

7  Consider Who You Are Becoming

You’re changing…On the inside and on the out. It’s important to have a sense of who you are becoming. What parts of you will you now allow to shine and be both seen and heard? What parts of you are bursting to come forth? What are the parts of your self that you already love, that can make this journey go more smoothly?

8 Make It Beautiful

Transformation can be an amazing and beautiful process. Let it be. Try to stay out of any sense of powerlessness or perspectives that keep you weighed down. Find the beauty in the new actions you take to support yourself. Notice when you start to make it harder with what you tell yourself. Allow yourself to enjoy the changes you’re making…Always take action from inspiration, never fear. One of the very best lessons I ever learned.

9 Worship Your Food

Allow your mealtimes to become a form of devotion, a moment of sacred worship. Let all of your senses take in the bounty of what you are about to eat. Appreciate and give thanks for all of the beings and people who allowed this food to make it to your table, to nourish and feed you and as you invoke those energies feel the food give it’s gifts to you.

10 Talk nice

Watch what you say… to yourself. A little compassion, a lot less judgment…go a long way. You’re developing new skills, learning to sit with new feelings, negotiating relationships in new ways.

Overcoming overeating is a big deal that goes way beyond changing what you eat. Love yourself through it all, moment by moment.

This is your time. Let yourself have everything you deserve.

I want that for you.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Great tips!! found you at the Cookie Chronicles. Thanks for a great post!!

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