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Is Green Mountain at Fox Run right for you?

Are you ready to ditch the endless cycle of ineffective diets and detoxes, and start learning how to nourish your body and enjoy food? Ready to move beyond boot camps and fat farms, to appreciating and celebrating your body? Ready to meet a group of specialists who understand your struggles, and who know how to help you through them?

Beyond a Weight Loss Retreat

Green Mountain at Fox Run is not a weight loss camp or fat farm.

We’re the nation’s oldest retreat exclusively for women who struggle with weight, emotional eating, and binge eating. We have spent over four decades developing and refining our pioneering non-diet strategies to help women end the yo-yo cycle of weight loss and regain.

Our program—based on science and freedom of choice—can help you find peace with food and your body, and permanently end weight struggles.


Our Liberating Philosophy About Weight

Itʼs about you and your health.

Typical weight loss retreats are about dieting and following rules. But that’s not sustainable. It’s time to find what’s healthy for you.

Itʼs about connecting with your body.

Nutrition and fitness, here, is more of a celebration than a practice. Fat camps use exercise to punish your body; we want to help you honor it. When you learn to appreciate your body, you treat it better.

Itʼs about changing your mind.

This isn’t just about positive thinking. Our experienced licensed professionals help you get to the heart of your unique situation and help you use the latest mind-body science to support real behavioral change.


Our Clinical Program for Binge & Emotional Eating

Binge and emotional eating is about more than food and weight. Women who struggle with these patterns often have to fight feelings of self-loathing and depression as well. It begins to seem like a tangle of problems with no beginning and no end — but it’s not.

The professionals and specialists at Green Mountain understand, and it is our privilege and pleasure to help women find freedom and regain their health.


Green Mountain Changed My Life

“This is for me but this is also for my family. Because what’s the point of…not truly enjoying yourself. Not being present with your kids and your husband but being somewhere in the past or being scared of something in the future and not having the knowledge of being in my body and feeling comfortable in it and feeling present” – Marisol Peeples, Texas


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The Green Mountain at Fox Run Experience

Escape to our peaceful retreat nestled in the hills of southwestern Vermont. The serene beauty of Vermont provides the perfect backdrop for spending time focused on you.

Indoors, each of our spaces is designed for comfort. We want you to feel at home so you can be yourself, and get back to cherishing who you really are. After an active day of workshops, physical activity, and fun, you can cozy up next to the wood stove in the Okemo Room, or enjoy a board game with fellow participants, while you gaze out over Okemo Mountain in the distance. Then, relax with a soothing, therapeutic massage at the end of the day.

Programs are one, two, three, or four-weeks long. We offer special retreat experiences for mindfulness, weekend intensives for binge/emotional eating, and more.

For more details on program specifics, how long you should stay, room rates, and a typical day’s schedule, check out our retreat programs.

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For 45 years, helping women live healthier lives free of dieting. Become a part of the Green Mountain community today.