“I know what I am supposed to do; I just can’t do it.”
“I have been on so many diets, I can’t even begin to tell you how many.”
“I’ve lost hundreds of pounds over the years, only to end up weighing much more than when I began dieting.”
“My doctors tell me I have to lose weight, but I have no idea how to do it. I’ve tried dieting but I just can’t stay with it.”

Do these stories sound familiar? This is a sampling of what we hear each week from women who come to Green Mountain at Fox Run. They come looking for a different way to approach a problem many of them have struggled with for years.

For over 40 years, we’ve helped them find meaningful and lasting change through immersion in a supportive, caring, professionally-directed program designed to help them change the way they think about and act around food, exercise, their bodies and how they take care of themselves.

Our Approach

Green Mountain at Fox Run was founded on the idea that dieting (also known as restrained or restrictive eating) not only doesn’t work, it takes people in the exact opposite direction they want to go. In 1973, we pioneered the non-diet approach to health and healthy weights. Since that time, we have worked with thousands of women to help them stop dieting and develop the attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that will support them in living well.

Finding a Healthy Weight

At Green Mountain, we don’t focus on weight but instead help women adopt attitudes and behaviors that support health, and by proxy, a healthy, natural weight. That’s the weight where the body settles when not restricting or overeating, when women eat normally and supportively, while moving their bodies for pleasure and well-being, and effectively managing stress. Because dieting is not sustainable, a healthy weight is one that a woman can achieve and maintain without restrained eating and without a focus on weight. It is a weight that is not defined by the Body Mass Index but instead reflects genetics, plus a variety of other individual factors, and therefore varies for each person. 

Health Professionals at Green Mountain

The Power of Mindfulness

We teach women how to find the middle ground with eating behavior and movement, and to avoid all-or-nothing tendencies through the practice of mindfulness. Throughout this process, our participants learn to listen to, trust and support their bodies’ natural ability to guide them to wellness in a relaxed and understanding immersion experience that integrates education with practice of new, health-proven behaviors.

Green Mountain Support and Therapy

The ‘core’ Green Mountain at Fox Run Program is an immersive exposure to our holistic approach to health emphasizing three main focus areas: Eating, Moving and Living. During their stay, participants are engaged in an experiential and psychoeducational program throughout each day. Each class is designed to help participants cultivate a healthful life from the inside out — through eating, moving, and living. In the meantime, their meals are prepared with balance, mindfulness and pleasure in mind, which encourages heightened body awareness and allows for a metabolic reset.

Additionally, we also offer a clinical program for those who would like to deepen their experience and understand the roots of their eating behavior. In 2015, we opened the Women’s Center for Binge & Emotional Eating, featuring Pathway™, the only clinical program dedicated solely to women who struggle with binge eating and emotional eating. At the Women’s Center, experienced, trained, clinical staff support participants in getting a deeper look into their eating behavior, whether it’s emotional eating, binge eating, or anything in between. Our insurance reimbursable clinical program allows women to gain insight and develop strategies to take home and make gradual changes. This is done through an eclectic clinical philosophy combining Mindfulness, DBT, ACT and CBT into our program.

Oftentimes, women come already supported by professionals like yourselves. Our core and clinical programs allows participants to fully experience what you’ve likely been advising throughout your treatment. We work with you to make sure treatment plans are coordinated with the treatment you’re already providing.

Supporting You in Supporting Yours

Green Mountain at Fox Run has been a thought leader for over 40 years, and we believe in the importance of supporting women who struggle with weight. To that end, we are committed to working collaboratively with other providers in this effort. We offer CE training programs to professionals, relevant, evidence-based White Papers, webinars and blogs on this very important matter.

We want to encourage a mutual relationship amongst us as professionals and are committed to staying connected with you while your client is with us and beyond their stay. We also value knowing other ‘like-minded’ providers out there. Each week at Green Mountain, our participants go home seeking ongoing support. We work to match them with professionals who practice within a similar philosophical perspective as ours (non-diet approach; mindfulness focus; etc.).

Green Mountain Support and Therapy

Let's Talk

We are pleased to speak with you individually about how we can help your patients or clients create the change they seek, and how we can work with you after they’ve returned home to help maintain their optimal health and well-being. And if we’re new to you but we’re ‘speaking your language’, please complete the form below so we can add you to our Preferred Partner Network and refer our participants to you.