“I’ve done it all, and this is the only thing that has ever worked for me.”

– Abbe Greenberg, 2018

“After my fourth week here, I was off my short-acting insulin and my oral medication. A week after I left, I was off my long-acting medication. No hypertension medication. Quite frankly, I’m not on any medication except an occasional aspirin. I like the way I look, and I like Marie Danis. Quite probably for the first time in my life.” 

Marie Danis, CT

“I can’t remember when I had my last mindless binge—more than a year ago. Granted, I overeat from time to time, just like I should. I can’t thank you enough for your insight and support to put me on the pathway to healthy eating.”

Laura Witmer, TX

“When I first arrived at GMFR, I was broken and scared, but Green Mountain helped me find my way back to who I am as a person. I have relearned how to love myself from the inside. My relationship with food, exercise, and others has become a healthy one. Green Mountain will always hold a special place in my heart.”

Taylor F.

“I leave feeling hopeful for the future in a way I haven’t before. I have insight into myself that I haven’t had ever. I can leave the shame, the “rules”, the never-ending need for control behind.”

-Ann D.

“If I had never dieted, I don’t believe I would have ever struggled with my weight.”

– Carol B., Green Mountain Alumna

The PCOS classes (nutrition and the types of exercise are most effective for women with PCOS) were SO HELPFUL. Literally better info from those two segments than any discussion I’ve had with a GP. I’m so grateful that PCOS-specific discussions were included — thank you! Overall, it was a great mix of classes and exercise options — really supportive, inclusive, but with enough ‘oomph’ to make a difference.” 

-S.B., June 2017

I’ve worked with a lot of professionals who specialize in women with binge eating but the program offered at Green Mountain is a new and effective way to look at and work through my struggles. I’m very grateful for the skilled and insightful care.” 

-Molly W, Houston, Texas

“It was such a pleasure to spend time at Green Mountain again. The time I spent there and what I have taken home has truly changed my life in a very positive manner. I appreciate your ongoing encouragement and support.”

– Kate, 2017

“I love this place, the people, the experience. I spent 2 weeks here and it was one of the best decisions I ever made for myself. I am unsure if I lost any physical weight, but I do know I lost a ton of emotional weight that was holding me back from living my best life.

The staff, the other participants, the location all played key roles in making this such an enjoyable, if not always easy, journey for me.

If you want to reclaim yourself, your life, your joy, your inner peace, even you(r) inner warrior, I highly recommend Green Mountain at Fox Run.”

– Lauren, MA 2017

“With this program at Green Mountain, it taught me that I can trust myself and I can love my body.”

– Carrie, 2017

“It’s a lifestyle change. You learn it to live it…to have it go with you.”

– Karrah G., 2017

“It’s probably the first time I’ve ever felt full acceptance, and it’s just freedom. Everybody’s just so full of love and compassion.”

– Michelle, IN, 2017

“There is no other program like this out there in the world. It was the best decision of my life to attend and find peace around food and my body. I am enough. I highly recommend Green Mountain at Fox Run for women dealing with binge eating disorder or over eating.”

– CAM, Boston 2017

“I could not get a handle on my eating and bingeing behavior at home. I was in a vicious cycle I could not break until I spent a week at Green Mountain, and was suddenly able to see a different way to engage with food. To put more structure in my day, to cease the starvation/bingeing cycle, and instead structure my day by food, to plan out most importantly, when to eat. It changed my focus, and helped me reconnect with my body, to feeling the early stages of hunger instead of only the intense hunger that contributed to the need to binge. It taught me that exercise does not have to be painful or intense to be effective, and that you should listen to your body in that too. And it taught me to reshape the conversation within myself, to find a more positive way to look at food, to look at myself, and to find importance and requirement of fulfilling my needs within the needs of my family, instead of only thinking of what is needed for them with myself at the bottom of the list. It has been life changing, and I cannot thank everyone at Green Mountain at Fox Run more for the brief but powerful experience I had there.”

– Liz, NY, 2016

“I hope you will forever know how many lives you have impacted!”

– Katie, Ridgeland, MS 2016

“Two years ago I began a four week stay Green Mountain at Fox Run. This was the beginning of the best month of my life (so far!). Thank you for providing an amazing environment. Never have I felt such love and acceptance from others….or myself. I wish I had the words to succinctly describe those 28 days. I am grateful to have had the experience and meet so many wonderful women along the way. My Vermont friends – I think about you often and I miss you. Thanks for being part of my journey!”

– Terri, Cincinnati, 2016

I came to Green Mountain looking for hope. I found that and more. The kindness and exceptional knowledge of every staff person was extraordinary and set up the perfect environment for starting over on this struggle toward wellness. Add to that the incredible women who shared the journey and I feel lucky to have found this beautiful place.”

– Jan, NYC, 2016

Finding Green Mountain at Fox Run was one of the best things that has ever happened to me! I learned to be more compassionate with myself, less judgmental and more accepting of my body image. The nutrition, physical and mindfulness programs offered were very helpful to me when moving out of the bubble! The menu was varied and food was well prepared. I will be back again and again to renew my experience and deepen the neural pathways in my brain to keep me on a better path and enjoying a healthier lifestyle.”

– M.T., Philadelphia, 2016

GMFR was a transformative experience for me. The staff, culture, setting, programs and –yes– the food were all excellent and together created a thoughtful, informed, nurturing atmosphere in which to reshape how I think about food, nourishment, and my own well-being. I feel like what I really lost were so many of the burdens and delusions about weight, my body and what it means to be healthy, that I’d been carrying around for years. I’m so grateful for the experience. It’s simple but radical, and I highly recommend it.

– Sarah, San Francisco 2016

“The week I spent at Green Mountain at Fox Run was the answer to the re-boot I was seeking after a tumultuous time in my life. It helped me reset my priorities and get my life back on track. The staff there are truly outstanding women and expert in their respective fields. I hope to return for the classes, activities, and great food.”

– Linda, California 2016

“This program has been a godsend. When I got to Green Mountain, my body and spirit were in pain and broken. Eight months later, I am living more mindfully, practicing gratitude and keeping the negative self talk in check. I eat mindfully to nourish my body, not just to fill an emotional void. This program and all of the people involved in it are true professionals who truly care. I am very lucky to have discovered this amazing place. It not only helped put me on a path to healthy living and taught me how to love myself, but also helped to shift my perspective on life. I am filled with so much hope for a bright and beautiful life one day, one step, and one savored bite at a time!”

– Yana K., 2016

“Living among other women in a place where I was provided space, time, freedom, and tools to be honest with myself about any and everything related to my body, enabled me to finally break free of the unknown bondage deep within me. I deserve to feel good about myself, to be thoughtful with what I do, to move mindfully as I eat, work and play. And that I am worth taking the best care of myself as I possibly can.”

– A.S., Dallas 2016

“Before coming to Green Mountain I was a broken woman with a marriage in turmoil. Physically and mentally I had fallen apart. I needed a break and a way to care for myself. Green Mountain and the Pathway program were exactly what I needed. Though my weight and emotional eating were issues, in reality they were symptoms of emotional and other needs. Pathway helped me understand how to identify my needs and gave me practice in how to voice them rather then stuff them down with food. Sheri understood the complicated issues I was facing and helped me work through solutions and coping skills. LynnAnn got me to see through all the barriers I had put up and I got moving again. Her positive reinforcement of my efforts was encouraging and I was exercising and doing more than I had in years within a week. The food here was amazing and I never felt deprived. In fact, I was able to reconnect with my body’s own cues about hunger and satiety that I had long since ignored. The classes were so informative and the program in general allow me to bond with and create lasting friendship with other women, kindred spirits who have changed my life. In fact, Green Mountain really has saved my life.

– Megan A., 2016

I came to Green Mountain at Fox Run expecting a weight loss retreat, but what I got was so much more. I got an education on how to care for my body, mind and spirit…I would recommend it to any woman that is struggling with taking care of herself and making herself a priority.”

– Tammy R., Scottsdale, AZ

“How I feel and act today still astonishes those around me who loved me through my hard times and see me succeeding now. I’m unsure how I would have or if I could have changed my life without Green Mountain… Now, I am a 23-year-old woman who has found the strength to love herself more than her bond with food.”

– Jacki Monaco, Los Angeles

Green Mountain at Fox Run exceeded my expectations. It was a terrific re-set and the perfect environment to focus on balance – health supportive eating, enjoyable movement and mindfulness… I learned so much and at the same time, have not been that relaxed in 29 years!”

– Lisa Adkins, Lexington

For many reasons I am grateful to GM. Today my doctor officially took me off cholesterol meds and high blood pressure meds. There is not one portion of my levels outside normal range. Even my HDLs and LDLs are normal. I no longer have regular heart burn. IBS is nonexistent. My system works.

Who says a fat girl can’t be happy and healthy? I’m not a marathon runner but I have found movement that I do & enjoy. I know how to quiet down my mind with breathing & meditation. In a year and a half I have helped myself in so many ways. At 51, I feel alive, most importantly I FEEL – thank you for your support!”

– Lisa, Chicago, IL

“Going to Green Mountain gives you some space to escape your life and focus on you. The support team of dietitians, therapists, trainers and other participants help you build knowledge and skills you need to change your life, take better care of yourself, and manage weight concerns. You will leave feeling like a new person, ready to implement what you learned at Green Mountain into your life at home.” 

– Rebecca Scritchfield, MA, RDN, Owner of Capitol Nutrition Group

“The nurturing, warmth, compassion and knowledge of the staff is truly a gift to anyone smart enough to spend some time at this truly special place.”

– Abbe, Boynton Beach, FL

“These are experts in their field with the highest levels of education but at the core they are women helping women… They define living life the way you want your story told.” 

– Anonymous TripAdvisor from Mahwah, New Jersey

“The courses were all professionally taught, complete, with a good variety. Very notable that all the instructors are able to easily modify so that all can participate in most classes.” 

– Caroline H., Ottawa, Canada

“I was originally a bit apprehensive before coming to GMFR about the food thinking that I would have to eat cardboard like food. However, I was really pleasantly surprised to have such high quality and fresh food prepared in really creative ways.” 

– Michelle B., Philadelphia

“For the first time that I can remember, I am not obsessed with food and I feel good about my body and my being. It is a gift and a treasure that I appreciate every day.” 

– M.D., Wayland, MA

“Green Mountain approaches eating and weight in a manner that considers the entire person, body and mind, in an atmosphere that is about acceptance and health. Spending time here is truly an investment in you and your quality of life.” 

– Chevese Turner, Founder / CEO, Binge Eating Disorder Association

“If you hesitate to go to GM because of the cost, think again. I gladly pay the price because the GM staff is the best group of warm, compassionate, knowledgeable people in their areas of expertise that I could ever hope to find in one place. I come back from GM feeling renewed and energized, ready to face the world again with better ways to live a balanced life.”

– Kathleen, Oak Park, IL

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