Just like the philosophy at Green Mountain at Fox Run, the fitness is surprisingly different than you might find at other weight management resorts. You’ll be guided through a variety of classes from flexibility focused, to strength and cardio. We meet you where you are and help you transition into an intrinsic exerciser.

Turn Physical Fitness Into Enjoyable Movement

When you think about physical activity, do you think “not fun”?  Then why do kids seem to like it? Kids like it because they don’t think “exercise.”  They think “fun” and that’s what they have when they do it. At Green Mountain at Fox Run, you’ll learn where all the fun went and reconnect with that kid in you.

No matter what your level of physical conditioning, you’ll be able to participate in our fitness program and experience the joy of moving your body again. We provide a safe and supportive environment for you to explore a variety of fitness activities every day. Whether it’s swimming, Barre Above, tai chi, Zumba, or just taking a walk in our lovely surroundings, you can feel the thrill of first-time accomplishment and improved physical conditioning.

Regardless of fitness level, our fitness instructors help you set goals and provide a challenging fitness experience for everyone.

Fitness Adventure Track

If you are more advanced, you won’t go unchallenged. New this summer is Green Mountain’s Fitness Adventure Program. Geared towards the active woman, this exciting offering will take you to new heights! 

Learn More About Women's Health Programs

The New Approach to Fitness

What To Expect

In the fitness component of our program, you can expect to:

  • Learn from credentialed fitness experts in exercise science, aerobics, strength training, and flexibility.
  • Choose from a variety of fitness activities every day from cardiovascular exercise, resistance training (weight training) to flexibility (stretching) classes.
  • Learn exercise modification for orthopedic complications or other medical conditions, if needed.
  • Leave with a planned fitness program geared to your abilities and goals that will fit into your busy life at home.

Fitness Class Descriptions

Barre Above® is a totally unique approach to barre workouts as you’ve seen them. Fusing the best of pilates, yoga, aerobics, and elements of the strengthening exercises dancers do, Barre Above® delivers a results-driven workout that is not only fun and dynamic, but it will sculpt your body and get you into absolutely amazing shape.

When taking a Barre Above® workout:
  • You’ll see improvements in your posture, flexibility, overall body strength, and balance.
  • You’ll obtain a body awareness that you may not have had before.
  • You’ll transform your body and feel more confident in your fitness.
  • You’ll establish friendships and new connections among your fellow participants.

You don’t need to worry about having any dance experience in order to take a Barre Above class, because Barre Above® instructors teach you with the intent of progression with safer approach. When you take a Barre Above® class, you’ll always feel challenged, yet consciously aware of what is right for your body. Barre Above® classes teach you to find the strength of a dancer within you, and to transform your body.

Drumming at this women’s retreat center has become a highlight of many of our participants. Every Monday afternoon, the women of Green Mountain flood into the beautiful 3rd-floor studio where there is a breathtaking view of the picturesque Vermont mountains.

We use a version of drumming called Drums Alive, which was created by Carrie Ekins to help her keep her body and mind working as she recovered from a devastating hip injury. Her first drum set was a bunch of boxes in her basement. She later found the stability ball as her drum of choice.

Here at Green Mountain, large stability balls are placed on top of buckets to create our drum sets. We use drumsticks, pool noodles and our hands to pound out rhythms, move our bodies and pretend we are rock stars

This is a high-intensity interval training class consisting of different time intervals, including rounds of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest.

While traditional classes require you to be able to get up and down off of the floor quickly and repeatedly, we offer modifications for every move so that all can enjoy Tabata. Whether it’s from a chair, standing or sitting.

Our Vermonting (aka hiking) outings are designed for all. If you’re someone with a bad back or knee, making hills a painful experience, you’ll still be able to experience and love Vermonting at Green Mountain.

Some of our hiking spots include:

We have a variety of aquatics classes to get you moving in a way that feels good. Available year-round, we use Okemo’s indoor pool just down the road from GMFR.

  • Aqua Fun – Not your traditional aquatics class, movements are based on childlike play
  • Aqua Kick – Kickboxing in the pool
  • Aqua Tabata – Same concept as Tabata, 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest, but utilizing pool movements.
  • Sculpt and Tone Aquatics – Strength-based movements using noodles and water weights in the pool.
  • H20 Circuit – A cardiovascular class with at least 10 different cardio stations set up in the water that has 3 rounds of station rotations (1 minute, 45 seconds, and 30 seconds).

We provide an array of cardio focused classes for those interested.

  • Cardio Circuit – cardio stations are set-up around the room. There are 3 rounds performed. First round is 1 minute, the second round is 45 seconds, and the third round is 30 seconds.
  • Cardio Interval – a class using cardio machines and changing intensity or speed every 2-3 minutes.
  • Cardio on the Fitball – cardiovascular activity doing aerobics movements while utilizing the Fitball.
  • Life Fit Circuit – a cardio circuit class that utilizes the building for different cardio stations.

There are a variety of Yoga practices and we try to provide as many as we can at GMFR. This physical, mental, and spiritual practices has many benefits including muscle strength and tone, improved energy and respiration, cardio and circulatory health, and more.

Currently, our classes include:

  • Energy Flow – a slow-paced class that focuses on improving flexibility, balance, and coordination.
  • Yoga Flow – a medium to high-intensity vinyasa flow oriented yoga class. Focuses on a breath with every movement.
  • Yoga for Beginners – offers many modifications.
  • Yoga on a Fitball – adapted to use a Fitball for support and stability while holding yoga positions.
  • Laughing Yoga – (No yoga poses are done in this class) perform different laughing exercises.
  • Pilates – a class that focuses on building flexibility and strength with a strong focus on core building.

We provide a mix of classes ranging in intensity. However, know that traditionally high-intensity classes we offer can be modified to meet the needs of someone needing less activity.

Some of our lower intensity classes include:

  • Body Balance – a class that teaches different exercises to help increase balance.
  • Full Body Stretch – a calming class devoted to stretching the entire body.
  • Functional Fitness: Back Care – learn proper form and spinal alignment for movements and daily living.
  • Guided Mindful Meditation – a meditation class.

Most people think of heavyweights and long hours in a gym when strength training is mentioned, which is an option if that’s something you really want to do. But we offer much more than that!

  • Energy Circuit – 10 stations ranging from upper, lower body, and core strength exercises with walking or stairs training in between each station.
  • Fitness Workshop – this class introduces each machine on how to pick the correct settings, what muscles it works, and how to use the machine while learning and practicing a safe and fun routine in a fitness center.
  • Lower Body Conditioning – a lower body strength class using body weight for floor exercises (can be modified for a chair).
  • Movement For EveryBODY – introduction to exercise and modifications to exercises that can make exercise and everyday activities possible.
  •  Total Body Fitball Circuit – a strength and aerobics class using Fitballs and SpriTubes, 2 sets of strength are done followed by a cardio activity.
  • Total Body with Spri Tubes – learn how to use different types of resistance bands for an at-home workout.
  • Ultimate Core – core engaging stations are set up throughout the room to rotate in a counterclockwise direction (similar to a circuit class).
  • Upper Body Strength – an upper body strength class using free weights, 3 sets of 12.

Tai Chi is a form of martial arts that combines breathing deep from the diaphragm with gentle movement and relaxation. Simply put, it’s a gentle form of exercise that can help maintain strength, flexibility, and balance.

There is growing evidence that this low-impact, mind-body practice has value in treating or preventing many health problems.

In the winter, our Green Mountains transform into a blanket of white offering a beautiful backdrop to our winter activities including:

  • Cross Country Skiing – Weather pending, we go out in groups for some Nordic fun. We offer our own equipment so no rentals are required.
  • Snowshoeing – Weather pending, we explore the neighboring golf course or the surrounding area on snowshoe hikes. Ranging from easy to hard, we can suit all fitness levels. We provide equipment – no renting required.



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