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Fitness Video Series: Take Mindful Walks for Stress Relief

LynnAnn has been a leader at Green Mountain for over 20 years. In these videos, she uses her extensive experience working with all fitness levels to share both tips as well as specific exercises and modifications to either jump-start an exercise program, or add variety to your current routine.

Fitness Video: Yoga Poses You Can Do In A Chair

This video is part of our fitness video series featuring Lori Wright – Green Mountain at Fox Run’s Fitness Lead. Lori has taught for more than 20 years, and is an ACE certified Personal Trainer. She holds certifications in Aerobics, Spinning, BodyPump, YogaFit, Hot Yoga, YogaLean, and Kids Yoga. In This Episode… In this episode, Lori walks us through

40 Ways to Add More Movement to Your Life

Today’s blog post was written by Monica Preisig, Green Mountain fitness intern, and is part of our top-40 series to mark Green Mountain’s 40th anniversary. Opportunistic Exercise Whether you are feeling stuck and unmotivated with your fitness routine, or are struggling with being active at all, one of the things we recommend at Green Mountain

The Binge Eating Diaries: Binge Eating During Quarantine

Hey You. WHAT IN THE TIGER-KING-TIK-TOK-CHALLENGE-ONE-TIME-STIMULUS-CHECK-IS-HAPPENING? Now that’s how you start a blog post during a world crisis…I think? For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Jace (Jacki’s alter ego). I’m taking over to give her a little break from her “new normal” and to check in with all of you. How are