Women’s Weight Loss Retreat

Changes Women’s Minds, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Lives

We’re the country’s first and only residential weight loss program exclusively for women.

pic#23You’re not alone.

Only a woman can truly understand another woman’s struggles with body image and self-care. From puberty through menopause and after, the biological realities of being a woman, combined with the demands placed on women in today’s society, can make maintaining a healthy weight a challenge.

If weight loss is necessary, losing weight healthfully can be an even bigger challenge.

Our women’s weight loss retreat is designed specifically to address those challenges.

At Green Mountain at Fox Run, we help you understand and change the thinking that drives unhealthy eating, exercise and self-care behaviors, to improve your health, achieve a healthy weight and change your life for the better.

Plus, you’ll make those healthy changes in the company of women who share similar concerns. And that makes it even more powerful.

Our participants come to us for help in dealing with a wide range of issues.

pic14-w1200-h1200These include yo-yo dieting, weight gain after childbirth, pre-diabetes and Type 2 diabetes, PCOS, orthopedic conditions that make it difficult to remain active. In addition, struggles with binge eating and emotional eating, dietary restrictions such as gluten intolerance and other food allergies, medication-induced weight gain as well as mid-life weight gain associated with menopause.

We’re here to help you develop a plan to meet your individual needs. Whether you’re struggling with the idea of the “freshmen 15,” are making a career change, have recently become an empty-nester, or are dealing with the changes of aging, we help you develop a tailored weight management plan that will make achieving a healthy weight a realistic, achievable goal.


We’re about women helping women.

collegeOur unique women-only weight loss retreat allows you to:

  • Build a friendship/support network for continued success. Research shows support is one of the key predictors of long-term success in losing weight and keeping it off.
  • Boost your confidence and learn how to nurture yourself.

Get fitness plans targeted specifically to women’s bodies throughout every stage in life. In our nurturing, supportive environment, you’ll experience a professionally-guided program that, over the past four decades, has helped thousands of women lose weight healthfully, keep it off and, ultimately, feel good again.


You’ll laugh, cry, discover, share…and sweat!

pic19-w1200-h1200Rediscover the joys of moving your body and getting fit. You’ll learn that by getting active — whether it’s in the pool, on a FitBall or hiking in the scenic countryside of Vermont — fitness can be fun part of your new lifestyle.

“By the end of two weeks, I was bouncing and smiling like the child I left behind,” says alumna Diana Gaffney. “The world has opened up to me again.” Visit our video libray of participant testimonials here.


Take the first step towards your new, lasting healthy lifestyle.

The Green Mountain healthy weight loss program experience will impact your life long after you leave us. As you start to take better care of yourself, you’ll improve your self-esteem and confidence and begin to effectively take care of yourself.

Find your success in the company of like-minded, supportive women who share your concerns.

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