Binge and Emotional Eating Programs


Green Mountain’s PathwaySM Program has created life-altering change in the lives of many of our clients. Still, we are frequently asked if the program is covered by insurance.

By taking everything our clients have loved about PathwaySM – the caring, the bonding, the common sense approach to getting at underlying emotional issues — and adding the benefit of a licensed clinical staff who can diagnose and treat, we now have created a program where our services are eligible for insurance reimbursement, a program unlike any other weight management retreat in the country.

Our One Week Program, led by our licensed therapists includes:

  • Clinical Assessment
    Explore the roots of your own very personal way of emotional overeating and/or binge eating and create an individualized plan to tackle it.
  • 8 Therapy Groups
    Educational, experiential and therapeutic small group discussions which focus on a wide variety of unique and timely topics surrounding disordered eating. Topics such as healing through the art of self-compassion, understanding the change process and developing mindfulness skills that truly work.
  • A Small Group Experience ( Size Limited, Closed Group Model )
    Within the population at Green Mountain, bond and share with a smaller group of like-minded women who also have a personal experience with Emotional Overeating and/or Binge Eating.
  • Closing Individual Session
    Review your individualized Action Plan with your personal therapist prior to leaving, and receive a written clinical report that can be mailed to your healthcare providers at home, if desired.

The enhanced PathwaySM program is integrated with the Green Mountain at Fox Run Core Program curriculum. So while participating in PathwaySM you can also take part in Green Mountain’s acclaimed healthy weight management program that includes movement, fitness, nutrition and behavioral classes, cooking demos, and more.

 How to Book Your Stay for PathwaySM

The first step in booking your stay is to contact our program advisors.

We recommend a minimum two-week stay at Green Mountain at Fox Run while participating in the PathwaySM program. You may choose a longer or shorter stay at Green Mountain at Fox Run and add the PathwaySM program to your stay, or you may choose to participate in the program without staying with us.


We also offer services outside of the PathwaySM  Program for both outpatient clients and Green Mountain at Fox Run participants, including:

  • Individual therapy sessions
  • Nutritional consultation sessions
  • Group therapy sessions

Binge Eating Pathway Treatment Series


PathwaySM Program Cost – $1000

In addition to the regular fees for a stay at Green Mountain at Fox Run, participants can add the insurance-eligible PathwaySM program for binge & emotional eating. Please check Rooms and Rates for weekly fees for the Core Program and accommodation options.

You may participate in the PathwaySM program without attending the Green Mountain at Fox Run retreat program. Weekend or weekly options available.

Premium PathwaySM Program Cost – $1250

An additional 50 minute therapy session and a nutritional assessment are added to the Pathway Program.

Individual Services

Individual therapeutic sessions are available apart from the PathwaySM program.

Clinical Assessment and Treatment Planning – $250

Individual Session (50 minutes) – $160

Nutritional Services – $160

Aftercare Groups (must have attended a Pathway program) – $75 each