So many of us associate weight struggles with feelings of guilt. We are burdened by societal standards and unrealistic weight loss programs for women that have nothing to do with who we are as individuals. And yet, somehow, we blame ourselves.

The truth is, weight does NOT dictate health. Each of us have very different needs that determine how we can achieve a healthy weight, and at Green Mountain, you’ll not only learn what yours are, you’ll embrace them by embracing yourself.

Our ‘weight loss program’ for women is not about weight loss at all. It’s about creating lasting change, and a deep sense of well-being. Through powerful tools such as mindfulness techniques, stress reduction skills, and movement that is customized to your fitness level and body size, you’ll learn to practice self-care in your daily life. It’s a game-changer.


A personal wellness assessment

Workshops and educational groups facilitated by registered dietitians and master’s and doctoral level psychologists

Courses in Self-care & Compassion, Stress Reduction, Setting Realistic Goals for Yourself, Addressing Body Image Issues and Learning to Like Your Body, Learning How to Eat Mindfully, Understanding the Emotions that Cause you To Overeat, Effective Meal Planning for the Woman Who Has “Too Much on Her Plate.”

A variety of fitness and recreational interests to fit every body type

Balanced chef-prepared meals and culinary demonstrations


Free from the shoulds and shouldn’ts.

Free from untruths and fads

Green Mountain Wellness Retreat


Am I an emotional eater?
Emotional eating and bingeing are on the rise in our culture, but many people aren’t aware of their own triggers. Examine your own emotional connections to eating, and how you can improve them.

It’s. Not. Your. Fault.
Instead of listening to all the outside messages that tell you how you should eat, look, and feel, you’ll learn to listen to yourself and to your body. This shift is often no less than life altering, and it creates a sustainable path to well-being and health.

Can I ever get beyond this feeling of being hopeless?
We understand that you might feel stuck, discouraged, sometimes even humiliated. That will all change here.

Green Mountain Healthy Eating


What is my eating style?
There are many reasons that we eat, many types of food cravings. We help you figure out the what, why and when of your eating style so that you can understand how to make lasting changes for the better.

What is mindful eating?
Being mindful has several benefits both before and while we eat. You’ll learn to truly focus and savor the food you carefully choose, and let go of worry. Chaotic eating habits can make us eat the wrong foods at the wrong times, and we rarely end up feeling satisfied. Mindful eating leads to a more balanced diet, and helps us to relish what we eat, taking the anxiety out of our relationship with food, and putting the pleasure back in.

Health and Fitness at Green Mountain


What if I can’t _____?
We get you. You may be struggling with a lot of conflicting ideas and limiting fears around exercise. We’ll help you work through injury concerns, doubts, and feelings of shame or embarrassment to eventually discover movement that is not only do-able, but enjoyable.

What’s the exercise that will be best for me?
There is no set guideline for exercise because what works for others may not work for you. We’ll make sure you find exactly what does. Women of all sizes, ages and fitness levels are able to participate in a safe, supportive environment. Some of the fitness activities that you can enjoy include: Pilates, Snowshoeing, Yoga (many disciplines), Zumba, Belly Dancing, Kickboxing, Aquatics Strength Training, Progressive Relaxation, and Meditation, just to name a few. We offer such a wide variety of exercise options at the level of intensity that is right for you, that you will discover that you can actually enjoy exercising! And enjoyment is the key to maintaining an exercise routine after you leave Green Mountain.

Green Mountain at Fox Run exceeded my expectations. It was a terrific re-set and the perfect environment to focus on balance – health supportive eating, enjoyable movement and mindfulness… I learned so much and at the same time, have not been that relaxed in 29 years!”

– Lisa Adkins, Lexington

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Green Mountain Local Culinary Experiences


Just like the philosophy at Green Mountain at Fox Run, the food is surprisingly different than you might find at weight loss resorts. This is not ‘diet food’, this is delicious, locally sourced, lovingly prepared healthy cuisine. Chef Patrick Gobeille has trained under some of the most highly respected chefs in the country, and his talents are evident in our dining room. Best of all, Chef Patrick gives personal attention to your specific concerns and dietary needs. Nurturing meets nutrition on every plate.

Daily Schedule



7:00 AM


Health Assessment, Tai Chi, or Outdoor Walk

9:00 AM


Redefining Healthy Eating, Mindful Eating, or
Identifying Your 
Eating Style

10:00 AM


Back Care with Exercise, Snowshoeing, or Cardio on the Fitball

11:00 AM


Strength Training Class or
Emotional / Binge Eating

1:00 PM


Finding Your Fitness Style,
The Magic of Mindful Movement, or Overcoming Exercise Obstacles

2:00 PM


Quiet Meditation or Self-Reflection Break

2:30 PM


Aquatics Class or Dance Class

3:30 PM


4:00 PM


Gentle Yoga, Progressive Relaxation, or Guided Meditation

5:00 PM


7:00 PM


Managing Food Cravings,
Eating in Restaurants,
Why Counting Calories Doesn’t Work

*This schedule is only a sample and each day’s classes vary

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