How much weight will I lose?

Helping you find and maintain a healthy weight (one that feels right for you) is the cornerstone of the Green Mountain healthy lifestyle promise. We appreciate this is the burning question for many of you. But first, we want to point out that worrying about a number on the scale is likely to get in the way of your success. Feeling good while you learn how to live a healthy lifestyle that supports achieving a healthy weight, then staying there, is a goal that is much more likely to take you where you want to go. We focus on helping you adopt an intuitive, intrinsically motivated way of eating, exercising and living that moves you more purposefully towards a healthy weight than dieting does, and in the long run helps ensure the weight you lose stays lost.

That said, we can tell you that women who participate fully in our residential weight loss program experience considerable changes – weight loss being just one. Average weight losses in a week may be as few as two pounds or as many as 10 pounds. In a month some women may lose up to and over 20 pounds. But that is all dependent on current weight, height, age, dieting history, possible food sensitivities, certain medications, and above all, what each woman’s healthy weight is.

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