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I ate healthy meals, exercised and lost weight and inches, but the best part was feeling healthy again! The sensitive and intelligent interaction of participants and staff was cleansing and refreshing.

Andrea Hamling

Weight and movement have been a problem for me for 44 years. I thought I had finally become an old woman. By the end of 2 weeks I was bouncing and smiling like the child I left behind. The world has opened up to me again.

Diana Gaffney

I came to Green Mountain with a cane and crawled up and down the stairs on hands and knees. By the 4th day I no longer used my cane and was climbing stairs regularly. I still need knee surgery. But Green Mountain gave me my health back. From the first day I was given an individualized plan to deal with my orthopedic problems and debilitated state. I stopped having cravings and lost weight (26 pounds in 2 weeks) for the first time in 20+ years. I also lost 12.5 inches. The Green Mountain program of eating regularly to lose weight was the key for me. The fitness staff was expert and knowledgeable about accommodations I needed. I also made multiple friends I feel I will have for a lifetime. Thank you Green Mountain for giving me a future.


Gratefulness and thankfulness for the new journey my life is taking. I’m home a month now—lost about 8 more pounds from eating and exercising regularly – “mindful” and “boundaries” being two powerful new words for me. GM set me on a ship I built myself with new knowledge of myself, nutrition, food and exercise. Thank you!

Pam Doucette

Thank you for the wonderful experience of being part of the Green Mountain community and program. Finally, an intelligent and honest approach to long-term weight loss that works! No special foods, diets or other nonsense… just a program that helped me really understand what was getting in my way, helping figure out what I want and showing me how to get it. No weighing, no counting calories, no feeling bad about myself. Been to other weight loss programs again and again…this time it was different. Finally, living my life free of dieting and preoccupation with weight and food. Yes, it works. Have kept my lost weight off now for 6 years. Loved being in the all-women’s setting. Thank you, Green Mountain.

Denise Devino, Omaha, NE
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