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I want to thank you for a wonderful, life changing experience at Green Mountain. I learned how to eat, what to eat, how to exercise, and how to live a healthier life. I have truly changed my way of facing each morning and am a happier, healthier person. I walk 3 miles at least 5 days a week and have been good about mindful eating. I feel great in my skin, and although it is not about the scale, I have lost 25 pounds and am very proud of myself. My shoes are looser, my rings are falling off, my clothes are loose and I get compliments everyday about how good I look. Thanks for helping me to face my 40’s a lot healthier.

Susan Gajewski, Biddeford, ME

Things are going well for me. I can’t believe my whole new attitude towards food. It’s there if I want it and I usually don’t. I even have shortbread, butter tarts and gumdrop cookies in my cupboards (the Christmas baking bug bit) and I am not going crazy. Mindfully having one piece but only when I really want it. I am starting 2003 carrying about 25 pounds less weight around then when I met you all in September. It is slow but so painless, I really can’t believe it. I can count the numbers of days on one hand when I haven’t felt energized. It used to be that I rarely had an energy filled day.

Willa Greenwood, Forest, ON, Canada

I am an alumni from the early days of Green Mountain. You got me started in a life style change and I look forward to returning again someday. Now I work out about 5 days a week and work hard at keeping a 65lb weight loss in check. Thanks so much.

GW, Encino, CA

I got home on Saturday and we all had Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday… it was pretty nice, my kids did almost all of the work (can’t beat that!!!). I stayed at Green Mountain for almost seven weeks and lost 25 pounds, gained a LOT of strength and am feeling pretty cocky!

KC, Gresham, OR

When I went to Green Mountain April 2003, I wanted to lose weight for my son’s wedding which was last weekend. I did not achieve my total goal, but I lost 14 pounds, and it looked and felt like more because of my workouts and strength training. But more importantly, I felt good about myself and knew that it was more than achieving a weight loss for a specific day. I will keep going to the gym and working out and eating mindfully and feeling good about myself.

DR, Binghamton, NY
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