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Behavior, Emotional Health, Positive Self Image

GM “fed” my soul. Not only learning and experiencing new information and exercise; but I found time to be quiet. I had time to process and practice new behaviors.

Norene Lagart

In my short time here at GM, I have gone from a feeling of desperation to one of true hope and happiness. For the first time in a long time, I was exposed to a part of the real “me.” In all the chaos, I had forgotten how much I used to like that person. Thank you for the reminder. It has provided me with the lifeline I needed and the ability to make the changes I wanted.

Jeni Wheeler

I have struggled with depression for as long as I can remember. By working this program and seeking out all of the support available to me here, I have seen an amazing amount of improvement in that area. I have been on countless amounts of meds and tried numerous forms of therapy, but nothing has helped me as much as the program here at Green Mountain has. I leave here tomorrow a much stronger and more confident woman. Thank you Green Mountain. You’ve changed my life!!

Caitlin Taylor

Weight and movement have been a problem for me for 44 years. I thought I had finally become an old woman. By the end of 2 weeks I was bouncing and smiling like the child I left behind. The world has opened up to me again.

Diana Gaffney

I used to “inhale” my meals, eat on the run, and eat to the point of making myself ill. I now know how to eat mindfully, enjoy my meals, and recognize my satiety. I know that I am a success because my clothes are becoming looser, I have more energy, and I can breathe more easily. Thank you for helping me get my life started again.

Evelyn Lisitzky, Glendale, AZ
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