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This is a place for total wellness; inside & out. I see why women come back again and again!

Diane Daniels

Being at Green Mountain has been one of the most awakening, fulfilling and rewarding experiences of my life. I like myself again.

Jodi Picardat

Learning to see my body as an old friend and closest companion and realizing and appreciating all that it does for me, made me start the beginning stages of accepting my body at any size.

Elisa Fetzer

It is not about the food when you leave Green Mountain. It’s about changing your life.


I would like to thank all the staff of Green Mountain for contributing to my experience. I arrived at Green Mountain, not sure exactly what I was going to garnish from the week. After having a heart attack nine years ago, I was noticeably concerned about “over doing” my exercise and with a milestone birthday fast approaching, I hoped Green Mountain would give me a new outlook about weight loss and new perspective on the next phase of my life. That was a tall order. I left Green Mountain with much more than I expected. I learned about “mindfu eating”, which I am incorporating in my daily life. I also left with a new sense of energy, confidence that I can push myself and I can do more. I learned techniques for stress reduction that I plan to implement in my daily life. I realize that it isn’t necessary to “do it all” at once, but every day and every week if I add something new, change will come. Something I didn’t expect o take away from GM were friends, I met some amazing wonderful women and I am happy they are in my life now. I will be forever grateful to the staff of GM for the gift of new perspective and renewed energy. Thank You.

Barbara Grafeld, Yardley, PA
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