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I’m still glowing from my visit at Green Mountain. Thanks for the education, the honesty and the wonderful caring staff that makes it all work. Best of all, I like the way I feel about myself. I do have more weight to lose, but never have felt so competent and confident that I can do it. I’m living my way down.

Renee Stewart, MD, Kansas City, MI

My time at Green Mountain was good for my body, soul, and self-esteem.

Lisa Wilkinson

For the first time that I can remember, I am not obsessed with food and I feel good about my body and my being. It is a gift and a treasure that I appreciate every day. Thank you to the entire staff. For your devotion and dedication to this process.

M.D., Wayland, MA

I really feel that my three weeks at Green Mountain have been the most productive of my life. I feel connected to myself and my emotions, I feel wonderful, and I know that I can enact change in my life.

Jennifer Williams

Coming to Green Mountain is one of the most nurturing things a woman can do for herself.

Pamela Crescenzo
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