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Our Program for Healthy Weight Loss

This rates #1 as the best things I’ve every done for me. This program gives you the reasons and the tools to change your thinking in very, very positive ways!

Donna Glover

After doing quite a bit of research I found this to be the only program of its kind. All women share many common threads come to learn, accept and take care of themselves in a healthy way. This program has all the components for success for me. Nutrition, emotional issues of varying degrees and types and exercise totally geared to any level of fitness.

Gayle Chauvkin

GM “fed” my soul. Not only learning and experiencing new information and exercise; but I found time to be quiet. I had time to process and practice new behaviors.

Norene Lagart

I felt it was so helpful to be appreciated for what I am without worrying about my weight. I felt relaxed and fulfilled with myself and life in Vermont. GM awakened me to who I truly am as a woman. I relaxed and learned to love “me” so that I could love others.

Susan Frankenstein

In my short time here at GM, I have gone from a feeling of desperation to one of true hope and happiness. For the first time in a long time, I was exposed to a part of the real “me.” In all the chaos, I had forgotten how much I used to like that person. Thank you for the reminder. It has provided me with the lifeline I needed and the ability to make the changes I wanted.

Jeni Wheeler
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