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Our Program for Healthy Weight Loss

Your program is fabulous – you address a lot of key issues (relationship to food /diet cycle/ negative self-talk) that are essential to weight loss and living a balanced life.

Nancy Ellen Potanovic

I have made great friends, developed better habits, learned valuable information, improved life skills, and learned to cook. Yes, I do like me a lot better, but I love Green Mountain at Fox Run.

Bettye B. Chaplin, Marathon, FL

You exceeded my expectations in every way possible. The classes were great, the meals were wonderful, the surroundings beautiful, and I can’t speak highly enough about your staff. What a great group!

Beth Tedoldi

Thank you for being there for those of us who needed you. I’ve grown to have a new regard and affection for the Green Mountains of Vermont!

Daryl Micciche

This is a very realistic and sensible approach. I know if I ever feel like I need support or even time away, I can find endless guidance and friendship at Green Mountain. My experience at GM has been life-changing. These past two weeks have been mind, body, and spirit altering. I would change nothing about my experience other than staying longer.

Gina Rossi
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