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I could not have predicted the feeling of support and collegiality that I experienced. I felt warmly embraced by the staff and participants alike….Before I arrived and became a part of the supportive community of like-minded women, I must have trivialized or minimized the emotional/behavioral aspects of my previous struggles with weight because that seemed to be the area in which I took away the most new and helpful information. Today, I feel better equipped to move, feed and restore a healthy balance to my middle-aged body.

Julia, V. Austin, Texas

Thank you for keeping Green Mountain up and running. I don’t know what I would’ve done if I hadn’t come here. It has been such an educational, emotional, and wonderful experience; lifechanging and life-saving.

Elisabeth Guäker, age 24, Copenhagen

Green Mountain not only met all my personal expectations for a healthy lifestyle without diets, but also provided me with exceptional staff and the natural beauty of Vermont.

Leslie J. Miller

I experienced a deeper understanding of emotional issues related to eating. The emphasis on a holistic approach to life was helpful in integrating mind, body, and spirit.

Peggy Berling

This is “do-able!” I enjoyed the level of expertise and education. Folks are well-read, approachable, friendly and very upbeat. You are all well informed and bring enlightment and joy to each day.

Erica DeWit
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