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Non-Diet Approach to Permanent Weight Loss

Green Mountain solidified my belief in the non-diet lifestyle. I feel stronger physically, mentally and emotionally because of my time at GM. I always dreamed of a place where I could go and not be judged by others or myself.

Jane Porter

I love Green Mountain. It has really helped me fully understand the extent that emotional eating has had on my body. It is a great place for the healing to start.

C.L, Montreal, Canada

I came to GM for a quick fix to losing weight. What I learned was that there is no “quick fix.” Healthy living is a constant present factor that is part of everyday living. I have been dieting for 40 years. I have ignored that facts of actively participating in my health. Now I cannot ignore it any longer. GM made it perfectly clear that I am in charge. My new outlook puts my eating and exercise at the top of my priority list. Thanks Green Mountain!!

Peg Kramer

This program works! I’ve been through them all and Green Mountain is unique in their approach, their warmth and staff.

Sandy Fletcher

Once retired, my weight and health had really gotten out of control. Never been a dieter in the past and weight worries, fortunately, were not a big issue when I was younger. While I decided to attend, with some skepticism, I was delighted to find a program focused on positive self-care and lifestyle strategies …not the same old same old dieting mantras about restriction and having to be good. What a breath of fresh air… a common sense approach that works. I’d be remiss not to thank the caring and dedicated staff. Being in the company of other women really made the experience that much more powerful, supportive and safe.

Samantha Gigot, Seattle, WA
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