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Non-Diet Approach to Permanent Weight Loss

I want to publicly thank the staff at Green Mountain, for teaching me how I can take my power back. Before my stay with you I always heard from different people “should you really be eating that?” Whenever that happened I would feel guilty for eating it, even though it was not really bad for me. My list of off limits got bigger and bigger every day, and then of course I would feel like a failure when I would eat those off limits foods. Now when people say that, I look at them and say, “Actually, yes, I should be eating that!” Thank you, Green Mountain, for teaching me to eat like a normal person.


* Results may vary due to genetic, metabolic and other factors.

Bonnie Stetson, St. Johnsbury, VT

This is a long overdue note, but I hope you are well and that GM is filled to capacity with loads of eager women embarking on change from the inside out (vs. the world’s message of change from the outside in).

GM was such a uniquely satisfying experience for me!

As soon as I returned to CA, I was off to another destination, so I haven’t officially been “home” for awhile, but this time away was the first time that I have not felt scared to death and stressed to the MAX about being some place other than home, strictly because of food issues and lack of environment control. I have been able to let my guard down because of these newfound tools, and it has been A-MAZING!!

Julie Young, San Francisco, CA

Green Mountain at Fox Run helped me put a whole new perspective on my issues with food. I realized that I can trust my hunger and not have to continually obsess on diet restrictions. It really is freeing not to feel under the control of a weight loss diet.

Cherie Somerville

My life has been so wrapped up with my constant dieting, deprivation and guilt. I never realized until I came here that I am a chronic dieter and that is what has hindered what I want the most – to lose weight. Here at Green Mountain, I learned a new way to reach my goals.

Donna M. Zaru

It’s good to know that in a world with fad diets, diet doctors and the “diet programs” that are only thinking of how to get more clients, you’ve spent the last 26 years thinking about what will make women more successful at permanent weight loss and getting healthy. You’re right, “you’re going to like you.”

Sheridan McGinty, Atlanta, GA
* Results may vary due to genetic, metabolic and other factors.